# MUKAND – SANVAD on 25 March, 2020

TUNIC club and Gear Hawks are jointly organizing a poetry competition “MUKAND-SANWAD” on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of JMIT on March 25, 2020, in the college Auditorium.
The rules for the event are listed as:

The participants will have to recite a poem written by themselves on the theme of the Environment or any other of their choice.
Each participant will get 5-6 minutes and he/she can recite only one poem.
Contestants will be judged on the basis of
a. Content
b. Voice and articulation
c. Well connected with theme
d. Presentation and dramatization
Remarks related to religion and politics should be avoided.
there should be no vulgarity in the poems.

The participants should first register themselves on the link mentioned below.


Interested students should submit their self composed poetry to architchopra98@gmail.com by March 22, 2020.