The Heritage


“Mukand Institutions” have been achieving eminence in the field of Education and Health Care for more than eight decades, and have won accolades of academicians, scholars, corporate, students and the varied sections of the society, for their selfless services to the masses at large in the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

The astounding journey of service began with the zeal and commitment of the pious soul, Seth Mukand Lal Ji – a close disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. Inspired by the spirit of the freedom movement to serve the society, he vowed to dispel the darkness of ignorance & illiteracy by establishing educational institutions. From Lahore, he came back to his roots i.e. Radaur – Abdullapur (now Yamuna Nagar) to set up the first High School in 1946.

As it is said that the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, this noble tradition and legacy was inherited by his son, Seth Jai Parkash Ji who, not only, nourished the institutions started by Seth Mukand Lal Ji but also established twelve institutions at Yamuna Nagar, Radaur & Ghaziabad. None of these institutions bore his name since the aim was selfless service to the society and not to earn personal fame.

Ch. Chhabil Dass Ji, son-in-law of Seth Mukand Lal Ji, played a vital role along with “Mukand Pariwar” in setting up, managing and running various educational institutions and a civil hospital at Ghaziabad. Ch.Chhabil Dass Ji in association with Seth Jai Parkash Ji contributed enormously for the cause of higher education, especially for girls.

In the next generation of the family Shri Swantanter Kumar, Shri Ashok Kumar and Sh. Vijay Kumar carried over the tradition of their ancestors and started a number of institutions. Sh. Ashok Kumar, present Chairman, Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institutions of Knowledge and Service has been guiding the destinies of these institutions with the active assistance of his brother, Sh. Vijay Kumar and Late Ch. Surendra Nath & now Ch. Virender Nath S/o Ch. Chhabil Dass. Excellence in academics, infrastructure, human resource development and congenial working environment are very close to his heart. He expects all to assimilate the work culture that involves transparency, discipline, accountability and constant monitoring. His broad vision, futuristic thinking and benevolence, midas touch, keeps inspiring and transforming the Mukandians around him.

The family sincerely believes that the education should be made affordable to all sections of society, providing ample opportunities and resources for all to achieve their academic and personal potentials. With a mission to provide free education and assistance to a minimum of 1000 students and also to arrange placements for 1000 students or more every year a myriad of schemes such as free education, interest free study loans, scholarships, adopting needy children for education & health care have become a regular feature of Mukand institutions.

It is a matter of pride and deep satisfaction that the present generation of the family has already joined this noble venture and is giving a new fervor of innovative ideas as required for the changing global needs and challenges.