Library is the nerve centre of knowledge and is virtually the heart of an Academic Institution. To inform, inspire, disseminate and develop its users intellectually/technically the library maintains General Books, Text Books, Books for Competitive Examinations, Online Journals, National/ International Print Journals/ Magazines, News Papers, Educational Video Cassettes/ CDs and Maps etc.

Fully Computerized, Fully Air-conditioned, Internet, DELNET, Inter Library Loan, Book Bank.

The library operates Open Access System. The collection of books and other reading materials are being built at a fast rate. There are over 52565 books and about 3325 educational video cassettes & CDs with viewing facilities in the library. All the library books are classified according to DDC 20th edition. The library subscribes to two online Journal packages, 100 National Print Journals and 16 News Papers. The Library is fully computerized. DELNET facilities connect the institute library with more than 4000 country wide libraries for availing of ILL (Inter Library Loan) and DDS (Document Delivery Services) facilities. The Library remains open from 9.25 AM to 8.00 PM. on all working days. Total no. of membership of Library is 3500.

List of National Journals subscribed for the year 2014


EBSCOiBusiness Source Elite
Elsevier: Science Direct (275 journals + back files 2000 onwards)

Above E-Journals are multi user and can be accessed anywhere in the campus.


Total area of the library 961 Sq.m.
Seating Capacity of the Library 250
Working Hours of the Library 09:25 am to 08:00 pm.
Library Networking Facility Yes. All library computers are on LAN & WAN.
Print Magazines/Journals subscribed to 100
E-Journal Subscribed to IEEE (ASPP), Elsevier: Science Direct, Springer (ME & EEC), J-Gate (JET & MGT.), McGrawHill, ASTM Digital Library, Pro-Quest & DELNET
No. of News Papers subscribed to 16
Total No. of Books 52565
Total No. of CDs 3325
Departmental Libraries 09


S.No. Courses No. of Titles No. of Volumes Journals
National E-Journals
1. Computer Engineering 1408 6278 12 IEEE:
Springer (ME & EEC):


Science Direct :

J-Gate (JET & MGT.):

ASTM Digital Library:

Proquest Management:
2. Electronics & Comm.. Engineering 1451 6281 12
3. Mechanical Engineering 1528 5942 12
4. Chemical Engineering 1043 4590 06
5. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation & Engg. 910 3149
6. Information Technology 886 3930 06
7. Electrical Engineering 1192 5420 06
8. MCA 1019 7590 12
9. M.Tech. (CSE) 485 1215 05
10. M.Tech (ECE) 412 1110 05
11. Applied Sciences & Humanities 597 2010 12
12. MBA 1106 5050 12
Total 12037 52565 100