JMIT Innovation Challenge Board




It is an initiative to provide students with a platform to develop projects with out-of-box thinking. The motivation is to develop skills in emerging technologies among students. The JMIT Innovative board proposes here few problem statements on different technologies. Students can choose the problem statement as per their interest in technology in which they want to develop their skills.

Following are the few identified problem statements to be put initially:

1. Portal for Farmers to sell the products at a better rate.
(a) Design an interface for farmers to sell their products, and connect with the buyers all over India so that they get a better price and also overall profitability in the deal for the buyer to purchase directly from farm.
(b) Simple interface that works on mobile, SMS to upload product details and respond via phone and SMS (taking care of digital divide)
(c) Interface for anyone to buy the produce/ vegetable – initially visit the place and buy or have courier service integrated to deliver the vegetables.

2. Design a web based application so that a multiuser video and audio communication app for ICUs that connects patients, doctors and patient’s relatives.

3. Design a Mobile application for the web app for ICU patients as described in problem statement 2.

4. MIS for Rural development Housing Scheme like Garib Awas Yojana along with GIS application.
(a) There is no monitoring system to monitor the progress of construction of houses under Rural Housing schemes. To generate real time statistical report of the ongoing constructions. Design web based dashboard for monitoring and a native mobile application to track the progress of the construction just by taking a photograph by using the application itself.


1. Remote monitoring of the quality and portability of drinking water sources


The people of the state are facing the problem of safe fresh water due to slope factor, management issues, urban conglomeration, deforestation and other environmental factors. It is essential to know the quality of water before its consumption for human and agricultural uses.
Continuous monitoring of the water resources can also help in predicting the flood chances, if the water level rapidly goes up. Design a hardware solution to measure quality parameters of water along with an app to enable monitoring of water quality at various locations. Ensure that it is easy to use and connects to mobile device.

2. Robotic arm for inspection, cleaning and painting of tanks on ships to save on time, cost and avoid accidents


1. Statement of the problem.
Ships use fuel, oils, sludge, sewage, water and other fluids, which are stored in tanks. When stored in tanks, these fluids tend to stick inside the tanks forming layers of semi-solid substance. Moreover, many impurities of these fluids settle down and stick to the surface of the tanks. It is therefore imperative that the tanks are cleaned on a regular basis on ships.
Generally, tanks cleaning on the ship is done during dry dock and whenever the inspection of the tanks is due. Cleaning is done for inspection or if there is any work to be done inside the tanks such as cracks, leaks, etc. Tank cleaning inspection and repairs is a necessary procedure performed on board ships.
This process, when carried out by humans, tends to be hazardous, sometimes leading to explosion and accidents. In spite of all the necessary safety precautions and enclosed space entry procedures, accidents still occur while inspecting, cleaning and repairing tanks on board ships.

2. How is it being overcome?
The problem is, at present, being overcome by ventilating the tanks and use of personnel protective gears. However, the atmosphere in the tanks still remains unsatisfactory and continues to pose health hazards for human beings. The following procedure is followed before making an entry for tank cleaning:
(a) Fluid Contents of the tank should be removed as practicable as possible and stripped thoroughly before entering.
(b) Ventilate the tank using thorough ventilation or forced ventilation method and make the tank suitable for man entry.
(c) Before making a man entry, the atmosphere of the tank is tested for percentage of oxygen and availability of any toxic gases. This has to be done using remote access if possible, otherwise the person entering the tank for testing atmosphere must wear a breathing apparatus.
(d) Various levels and compartments of tank is tested for the percentage of oxygen and availability of toxic gases. A multi gas analyzer is used and a person who is trained and has the knowledge of using such equipment carries out the inspection. Once the tank is found safe for man entry, workers enter the tank and carry out cleaning, inspection, repairs etc. Working within these constrained spaces is hazardous, in spite of all the safety precautions.

3. Why is it important to solve?
Effective solution of this problem is critical to avoid
(a) Time delays in inspecting, cleaning and repairing tanks
(b) Accidents which still occur inside the tanks on board ships
(c) Manpower cost

4. Suggested solutions.
The problem can be resolved by developing a mechanism like a robotic arm with the following attachments:
(a) as analyzer for checking the percentage of oxygen and presence of toxic gases
(b) Camera for inspection of tank and examination of defect
(c) Cleaning Attachment
(d) Repair attachments
(e) Quality Inspection Equipment. The robotic arm should be amenable for reliable operation on a ship and capable of entering the tanks and reaching all areas within. It should have programmable operations like horizontal movement, vertical movement, speed adjustment, single or multistage operation at any desired length and angle range, etc. It should be light enough to carry within the constraints of a ship, with fixing arrangements that match with arrangements on-board ship.

Executive Members:

Er. Vivek Sharma, Dean, CS & IT Services,
Er. Savita Khurana, AP, IT Department,
Er. Vibhore Jindal, Alumni,
Er. Tarun Goel, Alumni,
Er. Suhani, Alumni,
Er. Setu Garg, Alumni,

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