Internet Labs

The internet in today’s world is the basic need of every student because every student want to learn in faster way and they can achieve it through internet . The campus of JMIT provides :


The internet in now a days become a very useful source of knowledge. To increase the students abilities , campus provides the facility of Wi-Fi , so that the educational skills of students not only garnished by the faculty but students can also learn as fast they can from Internet. The Wi-Fi campus not only fulfill the requirements of education but it also make a connection with outer world from any part of the campus very easily. There is a separate IT-CELL for maintain the proper and fair uses of College Internet. Campus Internet is secured by MAC Registration, Account login over SSL, WPA2 Encryption so that no illegal activities would not go un-noticed and proper actions can be taken if any one found indulged in these things. To fulfill all the needs of SPEED, the bandwidth of the campus increased to 91 Mbps which will be increased in future if required.


The internet labs are also provided in the campus with well maintained computers. The students are provided proper education with all facilities that can make them learn as fast as possible. The Internet not only make the educational help but also make students connected with their outer world.