Central Facilities


College has an on-campus dispensary to facilitate students with first-aid and minor health issues. Doctor is hired by college specially for this purpose who is available during college hours.


The campus are provided Gyms in their hostels . We think a student must be highly skilled with proper health . To make this requirement full-fill gyms are maintained with proper ventilation Systems and well-equipped machines. There are four Gyms in the campus with proper machines so that every one can take care of their physiques .


College has two very big open lush-green grounds within campus which are used by students for various sports like Cricket, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, BasketBall etc. Also these grounds are used for various functions organized either by Students or by College administration.


The facility of canteen is also provided in the college premises . The canteen is that part of the campus where students can relax with their friends and the canteen consists of separate area for girl students and also for staff members. The canteen provides the facility of healthy food and a friendly environment to make students comfortable in the campus


The facility of fire alarms are available in the campus so that any kind of accidents can be stopped and the students feel secure at every part of the campus. There is always a person present at the main monitoring center of Fire-Alarm system so that any unfortunate event would not go unnoticed and further loss can be prevented.


The cameras are available at every part of the campus so any kind of mis-happening can be stopped at much faster rate . The college security provides full security to the all people in the campus. There is always a person present at the main monitoring center of Fire-Alarm system so that any unfortunate event would not go unnoticed and further loss can be prevented.


Rain water harvesting system is established in the college campus with 09 Rain Water Harvesters. This is a big step towards the natural resource utilization.


JMIT has commissioned 100KWP solar power plant in the campus. This meet up-to 20% of electricity requirements. All the hostels are equipped with solar geysers which ensures Hot water supply and also helps in reducing power consumption thus helps in keeping the environment Clean and safe. Street lights are powered with solar power generated through solar power plants installed in the campus.


JMIT has 02 sewage treatment plants in the campus that are used for treatment of polluted water. After treatment the water is used in toilets of hostels/ offices for flushing system.


There is a branch of Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) is within college campus. Also an OBC ATM is within campus so if a student needs money he can get it any time.


Institute transportation facility is provided for day-scholars. The transportation fee is set as per the boarding/ station of the student.


Institute has strong computation facility infrastructure with a cluster of 1010 computers, 45 laptops and 30 projectors and other interactive devices. Institute campus is WiFi enabled with a bandwidth of 40MBPS.


The institute has understood the need of imparting education by means of audio-visual aids for attaining better understanding of concepts. The teaching methodology has been empowered by the Smart Classes that have been made available in every department.


The customized ERP platform manages and maintains academics and administrative record that include the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for Attendance, Financial Accounting, Payrolls, Procurement & Inventory etc and Campus Management for Admissions, Fees, Student Information, Time-Table, Exam & Grading, Library.


The institute is running Skill Enhancing Programs for students before & after college hours. Some of which include C++ Solid Works, ProE, 3D Printer, Java, HTML & Web Design.


Ultra-moderen fully air-conditioned conference hall along with a Board Room for conducting Seminars, Presentations and Meetings, Faculty Development and Executive Development Programs & Workshops etc. with a capacity of 200 is the throbbing center of scholarly interaction & pursuits.


The Language Lab platform actively engages students in language learning exercises by facilitating more practice that otherwise possible in traditional classroom environment. It offers plethora of distinguished features where the students can record their own voices and play back the recordings, interact with each other & save the results.