# Summer Training- Robotics & Texas Instruments & Innovation


This is for the information of all concerned students that JMIT has established two centre of excellence namely Texas Instruments & Robotics.   The centres are fully equipped with modern equipments, tools and softwares.  In robotics, students can learn and implement projects related to embedded technologies.  The Texas Instruments provide opportunity to explore Analog Circuit Designing and Internet of Things.   These Centres will be providing summer training as per the following details:-

No. of Seats                :           25

Week Days                  :           Monday to Friday

Timings                       :           10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Cost of Training          :           Rs. 2500/-

Following topics will be covered:-

WEEK 1 WD1-WD3:- Introduction& working of  ARDUINO BOARD , Arduino software & Basic components

WD4-WD5:-  Analog Circuit Designing & Simulation using TINA Software.

WEEK2 WD1-WD3:- Detailed programming &   implementation on Arduino using LEDS .

WD4-WD5:- Implementation of Analog circuits on TI ASLK Boards

WEEK 3 WD1-WD3:- Detailed programming &   implementation on Arduino using Push Button & Potentiometer.

WD4-WD5:- Hands on Exposure of Various TI Modules using Energia.

WEEK 4 WD1-WD3:-Introduction to various sensors & programming using Arduino.

WD4-WD5 :-Introduction to IoT, WHY & HOW , APPLICATIONs, Platform Available etc.

WEEK 5 WD1-WD3:- Interfacing of Arduino with motors.

WD4-WD5 :-WD4-WD5 :- Interfacing of TIVA boards with MSP 430.

WEEK 6 WD1-WD5:- Project Work

The interested students can register with the Electronics Department of the Institute and can contact HOD ECE: 8295905379 or deeptimalhotra@jmit.ac.in for further details.

Dr. S.K. Garg