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Meditation helps to Focus and Study

Meditating to enhance our brain activities is an age old practice, being carried forward by our great ancestors. The act of mediating in early times helped people to fight in composure and also in taking apt decisions for the most difficult times. The minds of the kings and the economists earlier functioned well because they meditated for days and weeks, also they didn’t have big screens to get stuck to and tire their brains. We now can surely not meditate for that much longer time but can surely give an hour or two for enhancing the activities of our brain.

We all are aware of the amount of pressure a young mind nowadays goes through. The art of multi tasking is something necessary if one want to excel in today’s time. With this high paced life where everybody is going on their own pace with just one day at a time thought, one need to sit down and think and doing that is utmost impossible when we talk about a student, who doesn’t have to study only but also have to fulfill the expectations of his/ her peer groups. With all this pressure building up students try to fund a way out and because they cannot find a proper source of enlightenment they reach onto the conclusion of giving up which is extremely a laid back idea and one which should be spewed upon.

Also all this pressure leads students to give up the idea of properly studying which encourages students to just cram all the syllabus without understanding and doing the research; which not only leads to the insecure future but it also develops the habit of taking everything for granted and cramming up whenever they feel the need to.

Answer to all this lies in only one thing i.e. meditation. Meditation can help loosen up the pressure being build up by the society and other things too. The art of meditation is extremely fascinating; it makes your brain work ten times faster and make you feel more relaxed; it opens up your brain and heart which in turn can help you in better understanding of whatever is going around; it will make your idea of cramming on things go away because then you will feel energetic and fresh and willing to understand and research. Not only this, meditation can also help in improvement of your grades and can make you excel in various things by making your mind, body and soul extremely active.

However there are some things which you need to take care about even when you meditate and they are:- Eat and Sleep well; eat well and make sure you take in ample amount of all the necessary proteins and vitamins, sleep for at least 8 hours to give your mind proper rest; do any physical activity when bored and not just get glued to the screens of your laptops and mobile phones; you can do yoga too to make your body function well which in turn will help you meditate and which will make your brain work efficiently.



JMIT: College Where Engineers Are Born!

JMIT as an institute concentrates not only on the student’s theoretical capability but also on their practical ability; further physical ability & health is also taken care of as development of body is equally important and necessary with that of the brain.

Carrying forward the legacy of honorary Seth Mukund Lal, his son, a vibrant and selfless being Seth Jai Prakash incepted the opening of these institutions. A man who thinks about the well being of others first. A man with the will power of doing the right thing, a man with a dream of educating the one who needs and deserve it came up with the idea of opening up a college with the help of some wealthy investors.

The wide and perfect infrastructure of the college helps in providing the students all the basic amenities they might need while studying. Spacious lecture rooms to study, a big library to provide student with ample amount of help they might need. One can read technical and other fictional and non-fictional books to quench their thirst of reading for entertainment. Secondly, the faculty is exceptionally co-operative and supportive towards all students; the teachers here are not only effective but extremely efficient in teaching. They guide the students towards the path of success and to become a better engineer. They not only believe in imparting theoretical knowledge but also have utmost faith in the power of practical knowledge. It helps a student in grabbing a job and in his/her higher studies or research.

The institute offers various courses in the field of Engineering and Management. All of which are in extreme demand in the employment sector. Each course is being thoroughly revised by the experts of their respective stream, they ponder upon and then the syllabus is being prepared for additional skill inputs. Alterations are made according to what is in demand and what is not. Course which need better practical understanding are provided with proper training. This in turn enhances the due theoretical knowledge and makes the student proficient and efficient enough to understand it thoroughly and in a very short period of time.

The college promotes recreational activities or a place to lighten their burden for a moment or so by hanging out with their friends. Gym is provided for the students who give importance to their fitness. Wide play grounds for various sports like cricket, football, baseball and basketball etc. are provided. A proper canteen facility is provided to all the students for relaxing and lightning up their mood with wide array of food choices. Fire alarms, an enhanced and advanced security system is installed for the security of all the students.