Research and development is starting of the innovation life cycle that may end with development of a commercial product. It enables students to plan and execute a work by formulating a research problem under faculty guidance. Thefaculty and students work on a research problem and possibly results into a Research Paper, Patent or a Publication. This helps to develop critical thinking abilities and problem solving for the real world in the students. The process of research and development starts with a literature survey,continues with analysisaccompanied by experiments and concludes with results. JMIT provides this unique opportunity to the students to work in thrust areas of science and engineering under the expert guidance and develop the technologies for a better future.


Completed Projects:

1. “Design TheReceving End Power Circle Diagram By Using MATLAB”, Avinash (1213715), Amandeep (1213708) and Pradeep (1214787), Supervisor:Dr.Nidhika Birla (Asso. Prof., ELE Dept.)

Abstract: This project implements the automated design of Receiving End Power Circle Diagram used in Transmission Line Design. The design automation is implemented using MATLAB programming.

2. “Real Time Interfacing of Parallel Port using MATLAB”, Amandeep (1213707), Jai (1215711), Sunil (1215727), Gourav (1216786), Supervisor:Dr.Nidhika Birla (Asso. Prof., ELE Dept.)

Abstract: The project demonstrates a wired real-time interfacing of parallel port using MATLAB. In this project, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is developed on the MATLAB platform and an LED board is designed on PCB. The parallel port is connected to the LED board using connecting cable. The LED board contains 8 LEDs to verify the signal received from the 8 pins of the parallel port driven using GUI.

3. “Design of DSTATCOM using Simulink”, Supervisor:Er. RajnishKaushik (Asst. Prof., ELE Dept.)

Abstract: Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) is a shunt compensator which can compensate for power quality problems such as current harmonics, current unbalance, reactive current, etc. The chief objective of this project is to develop model of DSTATCOM using PI controller for enhancement of power quality under various operating conditions. It is then simulated experimentally to mitigate voltage sag/swells and harmonic currents. In this work, the effectiveness of DSTATCOM is analysed for a 3-phase distribution network with Dynamic load and DTC induction motor drive.

In Progress Projects:

1. “Learning App for 11th and 12th Class Students”, Supervisor: Er. Shipli (AP, CSE Dept.)

Abstract: To develop an app to help learning and understanding for 11th and 12th Class Students.

2. “Web based events’ venue management”, Supervisor: Er. Shipli (AP, CSE Dept.)

Abstract: To develop a web-based solution for venue management of the institute for the club activities.

Skill-Based Activities

Short Term Training Program on MATLAB:

JMIT, Radaur organised a Short Term Training Program on MATLAB, in collaboration with National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chandigarh from 18.7.17 to 21.7.17 (9:30 – 10:30 AM) in the institute’s MATLAB Software Lab.
The contents of this program are as follows,
1. MATLAB Essentials
2. Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
3. Basics of Image Processing
4. Interfacing Audrino with MATLAB

Click her to download Presentation on “MATLAB Essentials”

Click her to download Exercises on “MATLAB Essentials”

MATLAB Classes/ Workshop Conducted:

a. “Fundamentals of MATLAB”, No. of Students Trained: 18, Expert: Dr.Nidhika Birla (Asso. Prof., ELE Dept.) From Jan. to Apr.’17
b. “Hands-on Session on Simulink”, No. of Students: 10, Expert: Er. Rajnish (AP, ELE Dept.) on 13.4.17

Competitive Activity:

a. “The MATLAB Coding Challenge” 18.4.17 (4PM onwards), No. of Students Registered: 33, Organizers: Dr.Nidhika Birla (Asso. Prof., ELE Dept.), Er. Mamta (AP, CSE Dept.)

Workshops Planned:

a. Introductory Lecture and Hands-on Session (One-day): Image Processing using MATLAB by Er. Mamta (AP, CSE Dept.)
b. Introductory Lecture and Hands-on Session (One-week): Design of GUI using MATLAB by Dr.Nidhika Birla (Asso. Prof., ELE Dept.)
c. One week workshop on Power Electronics Simulation in Simulink by Er. Rajnish (AP, ELE Dept.).


Sponsored Projects

Live Projects in JMIT:

• Welding Procedure Qualification
• Quality Testing of a Steel Casting
• Optimization of Machining Parameters for Different Materials
• Design of EOT Cranes
• Quality Testing – verification of projects in collaboration with Distt. Administration.

Travel Grants

Travel Grants:

• From WOLKITE University, Ethopia for International Conference CSR 2017 at Addis Ababa.
• From DST (Govt. of India), New Delhi for presenting research paper in Germany.
• From INSA & German Society for presenting research paper in Italy.
• From JMIT for presenting research paper in Singapore, 2016.
• From SFERD, India for participating in Int. Conf. on CSR and Sustainable Development at Bangkok, Thailand, 2013.
• From INSA, German Chemical Society for European Polymer Congress – EPF 2013, Pisa, Italy.
• From Author Aid, UK for Annual Meeting of AIChE, Novemebr 2015, Salt Lake City, USA
• From American Chemical Society for International Chemical Congress of PACIFICHEM 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii.