Entrepreneurship Development & Incubation Centre

All students
JMIT, Radaur.

This message is from Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation center. We want you to know more about a prominent skill, entrepreneurship skill that is desirable in all graduates to grab opportunities of becoming an entrepreneur in future.

The Government of India has called for “employment creators” and so has initiated many schemes to give financial support and also has assured to be the guarantor for start-ups. Most of you are fearful of becoming entrepreneurs and so seek job after graduation. To take your fear out and to give you a platform to grow yourself with the required skill set, ED & Incubation Center has come up with its plan for this semester.

Students of all years of B.Tech, MCA and MBA are welcome to join us.

We call for your registration for participation now.

Please contact Ms.MITRABINDA SINGH, AP MBA or Mr.VISHAL GARG , AP MBA through the following email_ids.
i) mitrabinda_s@jmit.ac.in
ii) vishalgarg11295@jmit.ac.in

Planned activities for this year,
1. Introduction to MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises)

2. How to write Business Plan

3. Webinars from NEN

We have grand cash prizes for the winners of the competition “Writing Business Plans” scheduled later this semester.

Dr. S.K. Garg