Congratulations & best wishes for Preparation of Live project- Mr. Sahil Koul

We are pleased to share that our student Mr. Sahil Koul, Roll No. 1214810 ECE final year has successfully designed a single channel amplifier for the public addressing system using ICLA4440.

The salient features of designed amplifiers are:

1) Cost

Designed Amplifier – Rs. 600-700 (including Adaptor cost)

Available in Market (multi channel) – Rs. 12000-13000

2) Testing

Tested successfully in Seminar Hall of ECE Department

3) Future Scope of Expansion

Can be expanded to multi channel which may cost maximum Rs. 2500/-.

Congratulations to the concerned student.

I take this opportunity to request all concerned to motivate the students to work on live projects.

Dr. S.K. Garg