Commencement of even semester 2018-19

This is for the information of all students that even semester 2018-19 will commence as per the following details:-

Sr. No. Course Semester Start of even Semester
1 BBA 2nd 26.12.18
BBA 4th 26.12.18
2 BCA 2nd 26 .12.18
BCA 4th 26.12.18
3 MBA 2nd 17.12.18
MBA 4th 26.12.18
4 MCA 2nd 01.01.19
MCA 4th 01.01.19
5 B.Tech. 2nd 01.01.19
4th 01.01.19
6th 01.01.19
8th 01.01.19

All students are advised to ensure their attendance in the classes from the day of the start of the session as   75% attendance in mandatory to appear in the Kurukshetra University exams.

Registration for the current semester is mandatory within first three days of the commencement of the semester otherwise students are liable for the penalty.

Dr. S.K. Garg