Appreciations to the team of Gear Hawks Club

We take this opportunity to share that our following students of Mechanical Engg. have formed the Gear Hawks Club in the Institute. They have repaired the following engines which were lying dead in the Institute since long under the mentorship of HOD, Mr. Gauarv Sharma & Mr. Raman Sharma, AP ME.

i) Petter Engine (Single cylinder diesel engine)- Project Vibranium
ii) Petter Engine (Single cylinder diesel engine)- Project Krypton
iii) Diesel Engine (Rope Brake dynamometer test rig) – at SJPP Damla

Further, the said students also conducted various workshops related to Engine overhauling at the following Institutions excluding 09 at JMIT itself:-

1. Polytechnic Damla
2. Shivalik Polytechnic, Ambala
3. JMIETI, Radaur
4. Shivalik Polytechnic, Ambala

The students developed the basic technical knowledge.

We highly appreciate the efforts of our above mentioned students and congratulate them.

Dr. S.K. Garg