Appreciations & Congratulations – Maintenance & Overhauling of Petter Engine

PROJECT VIBRANIUM – Maintenance & Overhauling of Petter Engine

Students of Mechanical Engg. has successfully repaired the Petter Engine (project Vibranium) which was dead for the last many years.
Project VIBRANIUM was about bringing the Petter engine in running condition. The project was completed under the guidance of . Gaurav Sharma(A.P. ME), Er. Rajpal Singh (Technician) & support of Er. Amit kumar(H.O.D. ME).
Four students[(Vikas Garg (1216498), Vinay Girdhar(1215436), Hardik Gosain (1215441), Amit Kumar (1215446)] of ME 3rd year were engaged in this project “VIBRANIUM”.
It took 13 days of efforts & hard work to complete this project (1/02/2018-13/02/2018). It was a single cylinder Diesel engine (compression-ignition) having B.P. of 8 kw along with centrifugal pump.
The engine can be attached with apparatus and thus it can be used as a test rig. in lab.