“Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education” (2007 to ongoing):

The Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE), with headquarters at University of Massachusetts Lowell, was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007. IUCEE is one of the founder members of IFEES (International Federation for Engineering Education Societies), which was the primary facilitator for the growth and development of IUCEE.
The vision of IUCEE is to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education and research in India and related benefits to US engineering educators, with focus on faculty development, student development, curriculum development, as well as improved teaching technologies & research.


Webinars conducted at JMIT:

S.No. Title of Webinar Date
1 Electrical Engineering Through Modern Tools: An OBE Approach
Webinar-I : Outcome-based Learning in Engineering Education
Webinar-II : MATLAB based Methodology for Teaching Technical Subjects
July 11, 2017
2 Role of environmental education in engineering education transformations May 5, 2017
3 IUCEE Virtual Labs Initiative April 20, 2017
4 Improving Teaching Learning process through collaborative activities in class room at KGRCET April 18, 2017
5 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Engineering Education April 13, 2017
6 Strategic Partnership of Industry and Academia for Skill Development through Multi-Disciplinary Approach April 12, 2017
7 An initiative to the Project based learning at KGRCET: as a part of active learning methodologies April 11, 2017
8 Case based learning in technical education April 6, 2017
9 Exploring OOAD concepts through course projects April 4, 2017
10 Improving Performance of Students in Advanced C Concept by Combined Approach of Flipped Classroom and TPS March 30, 2017
11 Entrepreneurship Development in Engineering Education March 28, 2017
12 SysPro: An Android Mobile Application for the Course System Programming March 23, 2017
13 Flipped Classroom Strategy to Improve Students’ Learning of Computer Communication Network March 22, 2017
14 Evolving Engineering Ethics March 21, 2017
15 Leveraging the global research to improve student-success in the Indian engineering education system March 15, 2017
16 An Effective Way to Improve Problem Solving Skill using TPS, T24S and T21S: A Comparative Study March 10, 2017
17 An Effective Way to Improve Problem Solving Skill using TPS, T24S and T21S: A Comparative Study March 9, 2017
18 Entrepreneurship Development through Existing Curriculum March 7, 2017
19 Proficiency in English and Communication Skills of Engineering Students March 2, 2017
20 Patent Filing Procedures in India March 1, 2017

News and Updates

Regional Student Workshop on Sept. 12-14, 2017

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Presentation on Nano Technology by Dr. Puja Chawla (AP, Physics)

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IUCEE This Week July 31-Aug 5, 2017

IUCEE July 31-Aug 5

IUCEE Webinar Course on July 11-12, 2017

Faculty Conclave 2017 – Proceedings

IUCEE This week June 12-16



Main Website:

IUCEE (Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education)

Overall IUCEE Coordinators (JMIT):

Dr. Nidhika Birla (Asso.Prof, ELE), Er. Nitin Goyal (Asstt. Prof., CSE)

Departmental IUCEE Coordinators (JMIT):

Ms. Meenakshi (AP, CSE), Ms. Mitrabinda (AP, MBA), Mr. Vipul (AP, IT), Dr. Puja (AP, App. Sc.), Dr. Ankita (AP, CHE), Ms. Charu Singla (AP, PD), Mr. Ravi Kant (AP, ECE), Mr. Arun (AP, ME), Mr. Prashant (AP, MCA)

Expert Lectures


• Mr. Ganesh Bisht, CetpaInfotech Pvt. Ltd., Roorkee
• Ms. InduAggarwal, Founder & Trainer, Disha for Success, Chandigarh
• Mr. Dheeraj Kumar, HumboltzWedag, Delhi
• Mr. AnandPandey, Morling Global Pvt. Ltd., Noida
• Mr. Harshraj Grover, Associate Manager, Expedia, Gurgaon
• Mr. Akashdeep, Managing Director, BIT- OPPOSE
• Mr. Paramjit Singh, Principal Director Regional Center for Entrepreneurship Development-RCED and many more…


• Prof.(Dr.) Lau Siong Hoe, Multimedia University, Malaysia
• Prof.(Dr.) Krishna Vedula, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
• Prof.(Dr.) Gaurav Sharma, Rochester University, USA