Department of Applied Science & Humanity


Department cover the subjects/ areas of Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Communication Skills and Management. It has highly qualified faculty. It is in a position to supervise research leading to Ph.D degree. The equipment in the Applied Physics Laboratory includes, traveling microscopes, telescopes, spectrometer, sensitive galvanometer, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Hysteresis loop tracer, Hall effect set up, Four probe set up, Biquartz Polarimeter, Diffraction Grating, Sonometer, Thermionic Emmission kit etc. The equipment in the Applied Chemistry laboratory includes conductivity bridge, water analysis kit ( microprocessor based ) ph meter. Further, equipment like electronic balance, viscometer, flash point apparatus, penetrometer, hot air over, muffle furnace, electrical mantles, self-sufficient distillation apparatus etc. are available


  • To equip students of engineering and technology with effective speaking and listening skills in English.
  • To help them develop their soft skills and people skills, which will make the transition from college to workplace smoother and help them to excel in their jobs.
  • To enhance students performance at Placement Interviews, Group Discussions and other recruitment exercises.


Department of Chemistry

S.No. Description Quantity
1 Ables flash point apparatus 02
2 Analytical balance (Cap. 200gms) 08
3 Analytical weight box 08
4 Aquoion (Deioniser) 01
5 Cloud and Pour point apparatus 02
6 Combined electrode for pH-meter 01
7 Conductivity cells for conductivity meter 09
8 Digital conductivity meter having 4 digits (Model CM-180) 05
9 Digital conductivity meter having 4 digits with conductivity cell (Model CM-180) 03
10 Digital pH-meter having 4 digits (Model LI-120) 01
11 Digital pH-meter pocket pen type 01
12 Drop point apparatus 02
13 Electric oven max. cap. 250 degree C 02
14 Electronic balance with cover max. cap.300gm 01
15 Flow cup viscometer B-2 01
16 Flow cup viscometer B-4 01
17 Heating mantle cap. 1 ltr. (Range 0 to 100 degree C) 04
18 Hot plate (Range 0 to 100 degree C) 01
19 Karl fischer titrator (Model CL-59) 01
20 Muffle furnace max. cap. 1200 degree C (Model MF-3) 01
21 Melting point apparatus 01
22 Pensky Marten flash point apparatus 02
23 Pentrometer apparatus 01
24 Single pan electric balance max. cap. 200gm (Model 200D) 01
25 Vaccum oven inside chamber (max. cap. 760 mg Hg) 01
26 Vaccum pump double stage motor (cap. 75 ltrs./min.) 02
27 Water bath double walled thermostatic controlled- 6 holes 03
28 Water bath double walled thermostatic controlled -12 holes 03
29 Water still casted in aluminium body 01

Department of Physics

S.No. Description Quantity
1 Hall’s Effect Set Up 02
2 Planch’s Constant Apparatus 04
3 Four Probe Exp. Apparatus 06
4 V-I Ch. of a Semiconductor Diode 06
5 Bi Quartz Polarimeter 04
6 Spectrometer 04
7 Newton’s Rings Microscope 05
8 De’sauty Bridge Exp. Apparatus 06

Globalisation has brought in numerous opportunities for the teeming millions, with more focus on the students overall capability apart from academic competence. Many students find that they are not preferred due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound knowledge in their subject area along with technical capability. Keeping in view their pre-employment needs and career requirements, the language lab aims to prepare students to adapt themselves with ease to the industry environment, thus rendering them as prospective assets to industries. The lab sessions equip the students with the necessary communication skills that would go a long way in helping them in their profession.


S. No. Name of The Teaching Faculty Designation Qualification
UG/PG Doctorate University Aprroval No.
1 Dr LS Reen HOD/ Professor (Mathematics) BSc, MSc, MPhil Ph.D CBA166B/98/7865
2 Dr Sanjeev Garg Dean Academics/ Professor (Physics) Ph.D CBA-166B/98/1702
3 Dr Vandana Rani Professor (Economics) MBE Ph.D CBA166B99/12214
4 Dr Umesh Pal Singh Professor (Physics) M.Sc Ph.D CBA-166B/2009/15237
5 Dr Pushpa Bogra Associate Professor (Biotechnology) Ph.D CBA166B/2009/18608
6 Ms Ritu Verma Asst. Prof. (Physics) M.Sc, M.Phil CBA166B/2013/4310
7 Dr Niti Sakhuja Asst. Prof. (Chemistry) M.Sc Ph.D CBA166B/2013/15939
8 Dr Vikas Bhardwaj Asst. Prof. (Chemistry) M.Sc Ph.D CBA166B/2013/15941
9 Ms Rachna Bhatia Asst. Prof. (Mathematics) M.Sc
10 Ms Preeti Pundir Asst. Prof. (Mathematics) M.Sc
11 Mr Arun Chaudhary Asst. Prof. (Mathematics) M.Sc
12 Ms Charu Singla Asst. Prof. (PDP) MBA Proceedings approved
13 Ms Shikha Benson Asst. Prof. (PDP) MBA Proceedings approved
14 Mr Deepak Sharma Asst. Prof. (English) MA


Teamwork activity

“Teamwork activity” for 1st year BBA class done by PD department”

Creative Fingers club activity

“Creative Fingers club activity on 13/02/2020.”

Movie Junkies

“Swaraj Book Club of PD Deptt. has organized an event named “Movie Junkies” for the students of JMIT on 24th Jan 2020″

Team Building Activity

Team building activity conducted by Ms Shikha Benson with 1st year BCA students.

Time Table

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Time Table Even Sem (Even 2017-18)


BTech 1st year Student handbook, CSE IT EE ECE

BTech 1st year Student handbook, ME



CO and LessonPlan

Lesson Plan Biology
Lesson Plan Chemistry
Lesson Plan Electromagnetic Theory
Lesson Plan Semiconductor Physics
Lecture Plan Maths
Course Outcome – Maths
Course Outcome – Management
Course Outcome – Chemistry
Course Outcome – Physics
Course Outcome – BioTech
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Course Outcome – Energy Studies