Clubs & Societies

Join! Participate! Contribute!

No. of activities held in semester (July – Dec.’16): 96

No. of students participated in the club activities (July – Dec.’16): 3475

JMIT encourages students to actively participate in co-curricular clubs and activities on campus. Each student club is advised by a faculty or staff member here on campus.

The aim of various activities running under these clubs is to provide students the opportunities for personal and academic growth and to help students develop skills so that they can become good citizens and great contributors in the fields they join.

Students experience a broad array of cultural, academic, social and political activities. With many of student clubs, there is a club that is right for you. And if not, you can start your own.

Your participation in activities on campus will prove to be a valuable learning experience. It’s also a great way to meet people. Life at JMIT outside the classroom is as interesting and invigorating as you make it.

Take your pick of more than 40 clubs and activities you won’t want to miss.

PD & Placement

1. Adroits Hub

2. Alchemy

3. Axis of ITians

4. Brain-O-Pedia

5. Career Guidance

6. Current Mania

7. Global Club

8. Glüklich daily

9. Highfliers Club

10. Igniting Minds

11. INSIGHT SSB 360 Club

12. M’CATS

13. Nrityakala Club

14. Swaraj Book Club

15. Talking Heads

16. Techno Joyous Club

17. TUNIC Club

Hobby & Interest

1. Avocation Club


3. Creative Fingers Club

4. Fine Arts Club

5. Go Green Club

6. Journalism: The Art to Explore

7. Make It Happen Club

8. Manch Club


10. Say Cheese Club

11. Step Stormzz Club

12. Vichaar Club

13. VINAYA-3D Club

14. Virasat Club


1. ED Club

2. Game Club

3. Gear Hawks Club

4. HR (Persona) Club

5. i-Tech Club

6. Java Club

7. JMIT Energy Conservation Club

8. JMIT Finance Club

9. Knock-D-Brain Club

10. MarkeTricks Club

11. Nano Club

12. Pravardhak Club

13. Software Development Club

14. Space Club

15. Swavlambi Club

16. Tech Srijan Club

17. Think Futuristic Club

18. Tune-O-Tech Club

19. Urja Mahatva Club