Chemical Engineering


About the Department

Welcome to the department of Chemical Engineering at JMIT, Radaur. The Chemical Engineering department is one the oldest department of the institute which was established in the year 1999-2000. The faculties are engaged in the Research & Development activities and sponsored project from funding agency like DST, are ongoing at present. Faculty at the department believes in open interactions with students who are encouraged to participate in academic, research and extracurricular activities. Students have never misplaced trust put in them by department and have done well in academic and industry alike. Students passed out from this department get excellent placements through campus selection in the core area industries. Some of the students choose to go for higher studies from reputed institute like IITs, NITs, PUNJAB UNIVERSITY. Alumni of the department are very well placed in various sectors and have reached to the top level positions.



  • Imparting quality Technical Education.
  • Integrated Industrial training and curricula.
  • Research & Development.
  • Industry-Institute Partnership.
  • Consultancy service to industries around the region.



The department has well equipped laboratories in all the subjects of basic sciences like Physics, Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry subjects. It also has laboratories in various Chemical Engineering subjects like Mechanical Operations, Process Dynamics and Control, Reaction Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Flow and Energy Technology.Major equipments in Chemical Engineering Department labs are Packed Bed Reactor for RTD studies, Isothermal Semi Batch Reactor, Isothermal CSTR, Cascade CSTR, Plug Flow Reactor (straight tube), Plug Flow Reactor (coil tube), Emulsion Polymerizing Reactor, Trickle Bed Reactor, Orifice Meter, Venturi Meter, Rotameter, V-Notch, Pitot Tube, Jaw Crusher, Ball Mill, Screens, Plate and Frame Filter Press, Cyclone Separator, Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter, sedimentation set-up, Dorr Thickener, Shell-&-Tube heat exchanger, Cooling Tower, Open Pan Evaporator, Distillation Column, Solid-Gas and Liquid-Gas contact equipments, VLE setup, Mass Transfer with & without Chemical Reaction, Sieve Plate Distillation Column, & Crystallizer, , Interacting system, non interacting system, control valve characteristics, level control trainers, temperature control trainers., Gas Chromatograph, UV spectrophotometer, Orsat apparatus, pH meters, turbidity meter and BOD incubator etc.


Research & Development Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Gas Chromatograph 01
Dual Flame Ionization detector 01
T C D Assembly 01
Net Star Recording Device 01
Regulator for Air, H3 AND N2 Cylinders 01
Electronic Analytical Balance (AUX-120) 01
Electronic Analytical Balance (BL-220H) 01
High Pressure Seamless N2 Gas Cylinder 01
High Pressure Seamless H3 Gas Cylinder 01
High Pressure Seamless Air Gas Cylinder 01
Servo Voltage Satbilizer 02
UV Spectrophotometer 01
Reactive Distillation Unit 01
Membrane Reactor Unit 01
Isothermal Batch Reactor 01
Constant Temperature Bath 01
Ion Exchange Unit 01
Computer System 01
UPS (600 VA) 01
Printer ( DESKJET 3323) 01

Process Modelling & Simulation Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Computer system 14
UPS (2kVA) 02

Process Dynamics & Control Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
First order tank 01
Linearization 01
Dynamics of manometer 01
Interacting systems 01
Non interacting systems 01
Control valve characteristics 01
Level control trainer 01
Temperature control trainer 01
Computer systems 02
Shell & tube heat exchanger 01

Mass Transfer Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Vapor in air diffusion 01
Tray drier 01
Solid liquid extraction in packed bed 01
Wetted wall column 01
Experimental cooling tower 01
Plate absorption column 01
VLE setup 01
Mass transfer with and without chemical reaction 01
Sieve plate distillation column 02
Crystallizer 01
Abb’s refractrometer 02
Abb’s refractrometer 01

Mechanical Operation Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Plate and Frame filter press 01
Pressure drop through packed bed 01
Drag coefficient apparatus 01
Cyclone separator 01
Sieve shaker 01
Elutriator 01
Ball mill 01
Roll crusher 01
Agitated vessel 02
Thickner 01
Ribbon mixer 02
Test Sieve (mesh size upto 100) 10
Test sieve (mesh size 150 and 200) 12
Lid and Pan 01
Weight Balance 01
Weight Balance 01
Rotameter Caliberation Test Rig 01
StopWatch 02

Environmental Engg. Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Turbidity meter 01
Heating mantle (capacity 3 ltr ) 04
Magnetic stirrer 04
Digital photoelectric calorimeter 01
pH meter 02
Conductivity meter 02

Chemical Reaction Engg. Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Packed bed reactor with RTD studies 01
Isothermal semi-batch reactor 01
Isothermal CSTR 01
Cascade CSTR 01
PFR (Straight tube) 01
PFR (Coil type) 01
Pressure drop in coil flow 01
Emulsion polymerization reactor 01
Nitrogen cylinder with pressure regulator 01
Vacuum pump 01
Trickle bed reactor 01
Air compressor 01

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Heat transfer through composite walls 01
Heat transfer through lagged pipe 01
Thermal conductivity of insulating powder 01
Heat transfer from pin fin 01
Unsteady state heat transfer 01
Heat pipe demonstrator 01
Stefan Boltzmann apparatus 01
Parallel/Counter flow heat exchanger 01
Dropwise/Filmwise condensation 01
Emmisivity measuring apparatus 01
Thermal conductivity of metal rod 01
Heat transfer in forced convection 01
Heat transfer in natural convection 01
Finned tube heat exchanger 01
Distilled water still 01
B.O.D. incubator 01
Oven 01
Muffle furnace 01

Energy Technology Laboratory

Name of the equipment Quantity
Pour point apparatus 01
Aniline point apparatus 01
Pensky martin’s flash point apparatus 01
Abel’s flash point apparatus 01
Orsat apparatus 01
Redwood viscometer 01
Cleaveland flash point apparatus 01
Digital bomb calorimeter 01
ASTM distillation apparatus 01
Water bath 01
Junker’s gas calorimeter 01

List of Miscellaneous Items

Name of the equipment Quantity
UPS (800 VA ) 01
UPS (600 VA) 01
UPS (600 VA) 01
Computer system 03
Printer (desk jet D 2360) 01
Printer (laser hp 1007) 01
OHP 01
OHP 01
LCD Projector 01
Lap top 01
1.44 MB Floppy drive 01
1.44 MB Floppy drive 02
CD writer 01
CD drive 01
CD drive 01
Pen drive (2 GB) 01
Combo drive 03


S. No. Name of The Teaching Faculty Designation
(Assoc. Prof. /Asst. Prof.)
Qualification With Field Of Specialization
UG/PG Doctorate University Ids
1 Dr. Anu Gupta HOD/Asst. Prof M.Tech Ph.D B.Tech/000395



Alchemy club of Chemical engg Department has organised activity BLOW THE BALL on 19th Sept, 2017.
Around 40 students has participated in this event.


“CHEMTECH” fest conducted by Chemical Engineering department on 18th March 2017.

Alchemy Club Events

Alchemy club of Chemical Engineering organized two events namely: “Catch me if you can” and “One line wrestling” on 17.03.2017.

Alchemy Club Activities

Alchemy Club of Chemical Engineering organized two activties namely “Market Mania” on Hindi Diwas on Feb 20, 2017 & “1 Minute Show” on Feb 22, 2017.


The institute was made proud by its students once again when four students from Chemical Enginering cleared the GATE-2016 in Chemical Engineering.

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