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Meditation helps to Focus and Study

Meditating to enhance our brain activities is an age old practice, being carried forward by our great ancestors. The act of mediating in early times helped people to fight in composure and also in taking apt decisions for the most difficult times. The minds of the kings and the economists earlier functioned well because they meditated for days and weeks, also they didn’t have big screens to get stuck to and tire their brains. We now can surely not meditate for that much longer time but can surely give an hour or two for enhancing the activities of our brain.

We all are aware of the amount of pressure a young mind nowadays goes through. The art of multi tasking is something necessary if one want to excel in today’s time. With this high paced life where everybody is going on their own pace with just one day at a time thought, one need to sit down and think and doing that is utmost impossible when we talk about a student, who doesn’t have to study only but also have to fulfill the expectations of his/ her peer groups. With all this pressure building up students try to fund a way out and because they cannot find a proper source of enlightenment they reach onto the conclusion of giving up which is extremely a laid back idea and one which should be spewed upon.

Also all this pressure leads students to give up the idea of properly studying which encourages students to just cram all the syllabus without understanding and doing the research; which not only leads to the insecure future but it also develops the habit of taking everything for granted and cramming up whenever they feel the need to.

Answer to all this lies in only one thing i.e. meditation. Meditation can help loosen up the pressure being build up by the society and other things too. The art of meditation is extremely fascinating; it makes your brain work ten times faster and make you feel more relaxed; it opens up your brain and heart which in turn can help you in better understanding of whatever is going around; it will make your idea of cramming on things go away because then you will feel energetic and fresh and willing to understand and research. Not only this, meditation can also help in improvement of your grades and can make you excel in various things by making your mind, body and soul extremely active.

However there are some things which you need to take care about even when you meditate and they are:- Eat and Sleep well; eat well and make sure you take in ample amount of all the necessary proteins and vitamins, sleep for at least 8 hours to give your mind proper rest; do any physical activity when bored and not just get glued to the screens of your laptops and mobile phones; you can do yoga too to make your body function well which in turn will help you meditate and which will make your brain work efficiently.



Technical Clubs/ Societies

Technical Clubs & Societies
All Institutes have a number of Technical Societies having enrolled many students as members same namely IETE, ISTE, IEEE, CSI, IICHE, & SAE. These societies/ clubs annually organize several events that cater to the technical temperament of its students.
These clubs have organized several events such as Aptitude Tests, Group Discussions, General Quiz, Mock Interviews, Declamation, Personality Development Tests, and Teachers Events etc.
• Corporate Resource Cell
• Excursions
• Convocations
• Industrial Visits
• Manasvni
• Annual Day
• Festival Celebration
• Blood Donation
• Recreational Clubs/ Activities
• Abhinandan
• Alumni Meet
• Felicitation Ceremony
• Union Budget Analysis
• Talent Hunt

Industry Institute Interaction

Summer training in Electrical Engineering Department under Centre of Excellence (CEIIA).

Students of Electrical Engineering Department, Jmit Radaur (2nd sem, 4th Sem and 6th Sem) and other Polytechnic Colleges are doing their Summer Training in Centre of Excellence (CEIIA).

Topic Covered :-PLC and Automation.

Total Students :- 48

Summer training in ECE Department under Centre of Excellence Internet of Things (IoT).

6 week Summer training organised by department of electronics and communication for degree and diploma students of electronics and communication engineering on Internet of Things (IoT)

Module Covered:

The summer training is divided into four modules (Two week for each module):

Module 1: Basic Electronics.

Module 2: Arduino, programming and it’s interfacing with sensors.

Module 3: Node MCU, programming and it’s interfacing with sensors.

Module 4: Project work. .

Total Students: – Diploma 15, Btech 14

Training at Centre of Excellence in Mechanical Department

Sr. No.

Name of Centre of Excellence

Number of students registered

No. of students attending

Training status (dates)






i) Daikin Air Conditioning Ltd.

ii) Solid Works & 3D Printing









1st June to 15th July, 2019




About Us

“Rain water accumulated on the roof top without an outlet, shall bring down the roof. Likewise, wealth without charity will ruin the household of weatthy.”

:- Seth Jai Parkash

Believing on this philosophy, we have always aimed to reach out and give back to the community so also the society as a whole. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of JMIT was officially established in the year 2006 as a step forward to achieve this goal. The fundamentals underneath were to help our society and economy by creating job generators.

The ED cell has been established with the following objectives;

To create a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship
To act as an information center for planning/registering and executing business ideas through student projects
To build a nexus of alumni-entrepreneurs, current students, industries and policy makers
Provide business incubation to early stage entrepreneurs

Useful Links

1. Online MSME Registration
2. Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
3. National Portal for Registration of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
4. Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

What We Do


Provide consultation/ useful information on MSME Registration/ loan schemes/ business plan framework/ government policies and incubation facilities for setting up new ventures.

Create awareness about social entrepreneurs

Organize interactive sessions with alumni entrepreneurs

Communication of useful information shared by our partners (CII/NEN/AAJR) to our students

Training programs on entrepreneurship & skill development

Conduct webinars from NEN

Arrange student visits to operational SMEs and Incubation centers

Communicate government’s initiatives and schemes (like start-up India/Skill India) to the students

Skill Development

19-29 April 2017 : 10 days effort on PROJECT KRYPTON : Maintenance & Overhauling of a Peter Engine by 3rd year Mechanical students (Manpreet Singh, Ketan Gaba, Lalit Kumar, Kapil Dhem) under the supervision of Er. Gaurav Sharma (AP, ME), Er. Rajpal Singh (Technician) & support of Er. Pankaj Sharma (HOD, ME). The project helped to bring an old Peter Engine to working condition
27-03-2017 : successful completion of two projects as mentioned below at Centers of Excellence-Robotics in JMIT by Talvinder and his team (3rd year, ECE)
Project 1: Line follower
Project 2: Obstacle Avoider and Surface checker
20-03-2017 : The first stage of a Project Titled Real Time Interfacing of Parallel Port using MATLAB has been successfully completed by Student Team .
Mr. Amandeep (1213707), Mr. Jai (1215711), Mr. Sunil (1215727), Mr.Gourav(1216786) under the Supervision of Dr. Nidhika Birla, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engg., JMIT, Radaur
16-03-2017 : ‘Writing Business Plan Competition organized by ED Cell.
Mr. Vishal Juneja [B.Tech Mech.-4th Year] & Team – 1st Prize of Rs.2100/-forMedicos
Mr. Ritesh [MBA-2nd Year] & Team – 2nd Prize of Rs.1500 /- for Local Lassi Base SOYA Milk
Ms. Tanu Kansal [IT-2nd Year] & Team- 3rd Prize for Rs.1100 /- for FIT Drinks
8-03-2017 : Awareness program on MSME Registration Process, Probable Funding Sources and the framework for writing the Business Plan by Ms. Mitrabinda Singh, AP, MBA
18-02-2017 : Entrepreneurship Development Mela by MBA Department : Student participants took the challenge of showcasing revenue generation capabilities through their innovative ideas in small scale. The Mela helped in creating awareness about Entrepreneurship
14-01-2017 : Entrepreneurial Skills by Ms. Indu Aggarwal, Founder of Disha for Success, Chandigarh
26-10-2016 : Engine Overhauling Workshop of 4 Stroke Diesel Engines
4-10-2016 : Accelerate Innovative with TRIZ for Technology & Engineering by Dr. Lau Siong Hoe, Dean, Faculty of Information Science & Technology, Multimedia University, Malaysia
17-9-2016 : Youth Entrepreneurship : A Toolkit by Mr.Paramjeet Singh, Director, Regional Center for Entrepreneurship Development, Chandigarh
16-10- 2015 : Entrepreneurship workshop/ Guest Lecture on Business Incubation Center

News & Updates

4th Indo-Australia Skill Conference
Highlights of the 4th Indo-Australia Skill Conference

On 11th April 2017, Ms. Mitrabinda Singh and Ms. Sonam Makkar attended the 4th Indo-Australia Skills Conference at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi on behalf of JMIT, Radaur with a purpose to understand both Industrial and Government policy directions with reference to Entrepreneurship and Skill Development. The skill conference was jointly organized by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Ministry of Skill development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). MSDE is a newly formed ministry by the current government and had their\ first joint committee meeting in April 2017. Honorable minister of state, Sri Rajeev Prasad Rudhi and Joint Secretary Sri Rajesh Aggarwal have put forth the purpose, vision and priorities in their speeches. They have also called for participation from both Indian and Australian industries and educational institutes. Mr. Aggarwal emphasized on triple S (Skill, Speed & Scale).

The representatives from Industries have shown concern over our technical education system which is not following industrial needs and it is almost absurd to ask industries to follow the curriculum that is not updated time to time, for example, the CEO of Saral Rozgar referring to their own blue collared job portal (as evidence) had made it clear that in India, we have millions of jobs advertised at a point of time and all over the year but the job seekers/ fresh graduates are not able to grab the job due to a deficit of skills (higher importance being on soft skills and other area-wise required skills). Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship is established to bridge the skill gap and is ready to give monetary (loans/grants) or regulatory help in creating world class trainers and entrepreneurs who help in skill development programs and help the government to bridge the gap and produce the required no. of skilled workforce for our economy.


Contact Us

Er. Vikram Verma
Associate Professor/ Dean SA&W
Contact Phone: 8295905255


Sports & Excursion

Physical Education & Sports

Sports are an important activity which is carried out to encourage the sense of healthy competition & all round development of the students. The College has good infrastructure for sports & games. The activities include various outdoor games like Softball, Basketball, Volley Ball, Gymnastics, Hand Ball, Badminton, Cricket and Football and indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Chinese Checker, Carom and gymnasium room, Inter class competitions and Annual Athletic meet are special features. Students are encouraged to participate in Kurukshetra University games.
Sports & Physical Activities: The institute has excellent facilities for the following types of activities.
Indoor Games:- Table- Tennis, Chess & Carrom.
Out Door Games:- Cricket, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Badminton & Kabaddi.
Health Club:- The college gymnasium has a multigym trainer, a cycle, a jogger, Weight lifting sets & Dumbles etc.
Trekking Club:- The club organizes regular excursions. The institute has encouraged teachers & Students for adventurous activities such as trekking.
Trips and Tours: The Institute arranges technical and refreshing (Site Scene) trips on time to time basis.
Contests in Various games & sports are organized annually and students get ample opportunity to use all the Facilities on a day to day basic.


Two students of JMIT represented Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in inter university tournaments.

S.No. Name Branch Roll No Game
1. Ojasvi Khattar ME 1212411 Chess
2. Varun Sharma ECE 1213120 Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis:
Our team won 3rd prize in league matches of Kurukshetra University.

S.No. Name Branch Roll No
1. Varun Sharma ECE 1213120
2. Ravi CSE 1213250
3. Naman Singh ME 1213397

Our team won 1st prize in league matches of Kurukshetra University.

S.No. Name Branch Roll No
1. Ojasvi Khattar ME 1212411
2. Dhruv Kakkar ECE 1213031
3. Deepak CSE 1212194
4. Vardan Kumar CSE 1212284
5. Vivek Mittal ME

Our team won 3rd prize in league matches of Kurukshetra University.

S.No. Name Branch Roll No
1. Virender Rana ECE 1212123
2. Dinesh Kumar CSE 1212200
3. Shubham Malhotra ELE 1213792
4. Prashant Bist ELE 1213078
5. Vishal CHE 1214536
6. Toshang Sharma ME 1211444

Table Tennis
Our team won 3rd prize in league matches of Kurukshetra University.

S.No. Name Branch Roll No
1. Himanshu Narwal ME 1211392
2. Rohit Rohilla ECE 1211082
3. Tanuj Verma ECE 1212117
4. Mohit Chhabra CSE 1212230
5. Ojasvi Khattar ME 1212411



To provide knowledge & acquaint one with first hand information, developing aesthetic sense and exploring the nature, several tips, tours and excursions are arranged. The objectives are to draw out the fear or any kind of apprehension which hampers the growth of the students.

Parents Teacher Meet

A Parent-Teacher meeting is organized with an objective to bring the institutes and home together for uplifting of students as well as institute by maintaining harmonious relationship between parents and teachers.

It is intended to facilitate the parental participation in an institute. The aim is to involve parents in students education. The key objective is to bring in the closer relation, the institute and homes, where parents and teacher may co-operate, support learning, provide ideas in the education of students. The focus is more on the parents who work away from the home and who are from culturally diverse families.

It is an effort to overcome barriers which parents form for themselves due to lack of awareness, lack of time, having a feeling that parents have nothing to contribute or lack of socializing.

The institute has been guiding and training parents leaders to be involved in decision making, governance and advocacy.



Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills are crucial to increase employment opportunities and to compete successfully in the business environment. The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice. The group provides a curriculum of soft skills training, a unique opportunity for all the students, staff and faculty members to develop their personality and upgrade their communication and presentation skills. The objectives are to:-
develop effective Communication Skills (Spoken or Written)
develop effective Presentation Skills
inspire leadership excellence or dynamic communication
optimize managerial effectiveness
enhance team building & time management skills
build self-esteem & assertive skills
build trust, confidence & interdependence
motivate and initiate oneself


The methodology adopted is through:

Role play
Group discussion
Group activities
Debate and declamation
Participatory sessions