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Today’s world is a corporate world where lies endless opportunities in corporate sector for young generation. Want to get a high qualified degree for your B.Tech?

Come let’s go for a ride to check out the Top Engineering Colleges in Haryana whose history of placements and quality of education will blow you up.

The Institute was established by the Ved Prakash Mukand Lal Educational Society (Regd.) in the year 1995.  JMIT stand up for its excellence, providing quality technical and management education, research and training.  JMIT Radaur is the most prestigious among the 22 institutions of knowledge & learning.  Many hundreds of placements are secured by the Institute making it a no.1 Institute ranking between the best Engineering College in Haryana. It is a autonomous institute which is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and is in its sixteen years of operation. Various workshops and competitions are held within the campus to develop the students’ capability in various fields. The Institute believes in preparing the students well in advance concurrent to their education and training to avail these opportunities. It promotes the inter disciplinary higher education for bachelors along with masters. To achieve it time to time JMIT invites the achievers in the respective field to give exposure to their students so that they can confidently face the challenging corporate world.  Their vision lies in “Excellence Through creativity and innovation” and to produce advanced Engineers, Managers and Technologies with Training of Head, Heart and Hands Employable anywhere in the world”

Not only this, JMIT fulfills all of their social responsibilities like took an initiative for the blood donation movement in the year 1972 .The movement caught the attention of the teachers and youth in a big way and today the students have made it a habit to frequently donate blood for the people who are in need of it. More than a noble and humanitarian deed, it has become a religion for them. The students took a pledge, to not let to die any people due to unavailability of blood in their locality. It is estimated that all the Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institutions all over Northern India have donated over 38,861 units of blood 2015.

Likewise, various other programmers like going paperless, free help, charities etc are successfully run by the Institute. So, all what we can say is studying in JMIT really gives a wholesome experience to the students.

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