Success Mantra of Life

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Today, we all are scurrying for success. No matter how old you become, where you’re from or what you do for a living, we all share something in common in our life— yes! You are right it is a sheer desire to be successful. The definition of success varies from individuals to individuals. Some says that success is just a state of mind. For some people success means earning lavishly and sustaining a wealthy life whereas some define success to live a healthy life. However, success actually means to put your life in a blissful state where you do not get trap into the vicious circle of earning wealth, fame and power.

People want success so that they can live a comfortable life—a life where there is no financial problem, where you can drive a luxurious car, and live in a bungalow. However, these materialistic things can be easily achieved but one should never compare achieving the luxurious things, earning well with success.  It’s not that typical but the definition of success is much different than this. Success is when you start following your passion. When you stop following the footsteps of others. Success is when you try to explore and do something new, totally different from others. It is only possible when you’ll start following & working as what is demanded by your soul.

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