The ‘Ratta Maar’ Technique won’t help

Most of us have a habit of mugging up our course, in simple words the “ratta maar” technique. Under the burden of scoring well, we just concentrate on mugging up the syllabus and getting good marks, isn’t it? Should this be our way of acquiring new knowledge? In order to win the rat race we all forget how important is it to understand what we read, mugging up things may definitely get you good marks but in the long run when you actually have to apply that knowledge you will fail to do so, and why would that happen? Because you had just mugged it up for your exam and remains for a short period of time. Once you are done with them you forget about it. But the one who understands the concept will be at advantage, it might happen that understanding concepts and then appearing for exams may not get to you score great marks, but in the long run understanding concepts and adding to knowledge will help you pass the examination of life with flying colors, this knowledge will help you in your professional life too. We all have seen and enjoyed the movie 3 Idiots, the movie perfectly sums up the difference between a student who blindly mugs up everything and one who runs after acquiring new knowledge by understanding concepts. For more info by  best engineering college in haryana

Read as much as you can, make books your best friend, don’t just store information in your brain like you would do in your hard disks or pen drives, make sure you process that information in your mind also. The effort we put in to mug up, if only we put in 10% of that effort in understanding a concept we can do wonders and it will help us in doing better in life. Mugging leaves no chance for the brain to grow.  engineering college in haryana

It blocks your mind from thinking beyond the books, there might be chances that all the information in the books may not be right, but if you keep mugging up without using your mind and without thinking over what you have read you might end up in accepting that wrong information too, which will definitely put you in a dangerous state. So always think over what you are reading, this helps you in polishing your analytical and comprehension skills too, do not mug up everything, ponder over what you are reading, think why it is the way it is. Give up the habit of mugging up today and start understanding concepts you will for sure feel the difference.

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