LIFE IS LIKE CRICKET (It’s a game, play it well)

LIFE IS LIKE CRICKET (It’s a game, play it well)

Human life can be compared to a game of cricket. In the outfield every player has a target to meet so that he can win the match. Similarly, in life, every individual has his own targets and dreams and he puts his best efforts to fulfill those.
I often wondered if life can be compared to a game of cricket. I am a big fan of the game and there are a lot of aspects we can learn and draw inspiration from, from sports and especially, cricket. I substantiate my views below as much as I can.
Just imagine cricket match is going on and we are playing. It is game of life not cricket but it is related to cricket.I am giving you example-
You are doing batting, there is no wicket and no wicketkeeper and life is in front of you throwing ball and these balls are opportunities.

First ball comes, you tried to hit, but missed.
Now what will you do…?
As I said there is no wicket and no wicketkeeper means you will never lose until you leave the ground and give up.
No power in the world can defeat you till you stay on pitch. Life has only one work to throw balls one-by-one and these balls are OPPORTUNITIES. Some opportunities are big and some are small. The only thing we are to do is to stay on pitch, just focus on life and on coming opportunities.

Second ball comes, you gain missed
People think you are a failure but you are not. Now, you understood the game of life. If we have failed in one event it does not mean we had failed in life. The end of an event is not the end of life. Life is a collection of millions of such events.

Third ball missed
Fourth ball missed
Fifth ball missed

Sixth ball comes
Step forward and hit a huge six, one ball has fulfills the requirement of last five balls. This is the turning point of game and same happens with life, it also changes on single day.
That single day……!
No matter what role we are playing, we know that we are human beings and we should never quit. No matter who we are, life is always bigger, so much to worth living for, and it’s a joy to be a part of it, just like the wonderful game of cricket.

Enjoy the game of life and chase your dreams.
Dreams do come true

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