Beat the Exam Stress Now !

Beat the Exam Stress Now !

Exams around the corner and you can feel the pressure building on you? Exams are one thing which is dreaded by most of us and cannot handle the stress due to which most of us cannot score well. The pressure can be handled by following few tips which are pretty handy, so here are few things which a student can keep in mind while dealing with exam stress:

  • Don’t procrastinate, don’t wait for the last moment, in this way you will feel confident and prepared which keeps you mentally less burdened. Otherwise if you leave things for the last moment you might end up stressing about the syllabus and start panicking which will hamper your exam’s performance.
  • Manage your time, plan out a schedule for yourself and follow it strictly. Your study hours should be strictly for studying, make sure you are not distracted by anything.
  • Take breaks, studying continuously for hours won’t help you much, everybody has their own span of studying, so do not test yourself by going beyond it. Take a break whenever you feel tired, do something you enjoy or just take a walk around your room, this will refresh you and you can go back to studying re-energized.
  • Eat healthy , during exam time we often tend to neglect our food. Don’t do that, eating healthy gives you energy and keeps you strong both mentally and physically. Skipping meals can add to anxiety and one cannot concentrate properly. So make sure you don’t skip your meal and have a healthy one.
  • Sleep well, sleep is great stress buster, make sure you have a proper and deep sleep. Sleep freshens you up and can help you grasp things in a much better way and in lesser time too, this way you can save your time.
  • Try exercising, yoga or some physical exercise it keeps you active, gives a positive boost, and energizes your mind and body, helping you to fight the exam stress.
  • Talk it out, if you feel that the pressure is getting too much then talk about it to someone, it may be your parents, your teacher or a friend , don’t let the pressure bother you so much, talking to someone and venting out your feelings will help you a lot.

Keep these things in mind, as student we have to face many examinations, stressing over them only adds to the problem and blocks ones thought process. So don’t come under stress, give it your best shot and you will definitely achieve success in all examinations.


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