My Yellow Pages

My Yellow Pages

Today I found a book in my shelf. It was kept there for years and was unnoticed. It was dust laden. I wiped off all the dust and made it look good. It was the only book with many empty pages.

The pages have turned yellow. The most weird thing about that book was that many of the chapters were either incomplete or were scribbled.

I somehow managed to read the faded initials about the book title and the author. I kept on looking at it and suddenly a lot of thoughts took birth in my mind. I felt as if I had been deceiving myself for years.

I was the only hunter in the jungle to hunt myself.

The book was named “My life” by “Me”.

Yes, every one of us possesses this book of ours to decorate it with the ink of moments and feelings. But none of us bother to even open it for a while.

We are busy writing books of superiority, jealousy, achievements, money, bluffing, and showoffs. Achievements are worthless if you achieve them at cost of your happiness. At the end you will only be left with a good resume to show but no happy moments to share.

No matter if the pages of my book have turned yellow but I am happy at least I possess it now while many of us have already mishandled it handling the other books being influenced by this deceptive world.

So, go and find your yellow pages of life on your shelf of inner self. I am sure you too will find them lying somewhere in corner beneath other books.

All the best!!!

Good day.


Puru Pandit

Chemical Engg. Final Year

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