Reminiscing My Days In JMIT

While my brother struggle through the entrance exam trauma for making to the top engineering college in Haryana, I reminisce my time when I decided to study engineering degree.
I barely stepped out of high school and it was time for me to embark on a journey of success and satisfaction. My father searched for the best engineering college in Haryana, as we were residents of Gurgaon.
Being a bright student, I scored well in my entrance exams and I was waiting for the results of CAP rounds. My father was firm that I will make it to the best one! But I was anxious.
Being the most sought after Bachelor’s degree, students opt for Engineering to study in respective fields they are interested in! Be it Civil or Computer Science, the education involves in-depth technical knowledge and make them adept and skillful in respective fields. Many students eye on the best engineering colleges to get the best environment and education.
Every year post 12th board examination, an entrance exam for admission to engineering colleges is conducted. Student with high marks make it to the top engineering colleges. And it is crucial as these colleges only take top students.
Over a week I kept searching for the top engineering colleges in Haryana. As I was rummaging the list, I came across the best one. Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering Technology or JMIT has captivated my attention. Situated in Radaur, a pollution-free rural area, which is at a distance of 18km from Yamuna Nagar, JMIT is one of the best engineering colleges in Haryana. This institute stands at the top position because of its state of the art infrastructure and excellent education provided to the students. Every students graduating from this institute is bound to have a bright future. Also the ex-students of JMIT cannot stop praising the institute as it has helped them greatly to shape their future.
The results started getting under my nerves as I was unable to wait for them. Somewhere I knew I will get JMIT. I even started dreaming about this institute already.
Finally the day arrived! Results were out! And guess what I made it to my dream engineering college! And it was JMIT! I got admission in the college and took Civil engineering as my trade. I was living in college hostel which was inside the institute premises. I cannot find appropriate words to describe the beauty of campus. Ok! Let me try! Spread across 32 acres of land, this institute comprises of separate department building for every engineering branch. The Institute also runs several other programmes like MTech, MBA, MCA; so there were different building blocks for them too! The fine ambience with greenery everywhere around, it was the perfect place for any student to study and make a bright career. The cafeteria was every student’s ‘adda’! Every time in the evening when we get back to our dormitories after dinner, we always sit for half hour in the garden looking at the JMIT shining in bold letters at the institute entrance! It was a bewitching sight as we could feel the cold breezes and positive vibes. I would reverse the time just to feel those cold breezes hitting my face.
The campus also had placements for the final year students. Every year plethora of students got placed and started working with big firms. In our batch many students got placed and I was one of them. When I think about my college days, a flashback starts running in front of my eyes. I remember the time when I used to perform in the college fest. And let me tell you the JMIT college fest used to be grand with Bollywood singers winding the event. I remember when I participated in singing competition and the crowd went crazy! Though I came second in the competition, it was my day because I never won in a singing challenge! Through the years, I worked hard to get good grades and somehow made in the good books of every teacher.
Making to the top engineering college of Haryana i.e. JMIT was itself a huge achievement for me. As I get back home from work I ask my brother to take admission in JMIT as well. I know he is a bright student and would surely make it to the college! I wish I could go back again but I know I cannot! But hey I have got beautiful memories of JMIT at my disposal!

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