What you need to know about JMIT College

Engineers are ubiquitous nowadays. Engineering career is a clichéd career choice yet a powerful one. Students who are inclined towards technology and want to study further can always for this career. A fact cannot be denied that Bachelors of Engineering is the most sought-after degree in our country. Movie such as ‘3 Idiots’ have inspired many young students to take engineering as their career.
With thousands of engineers graduating every year, the number of engineers is surpassing day-by-day. In India itself the number of engineers is increasing at a sky-rocket speed. However one must understand that the quality of education matters a lot. Thus it is very crucial to get admission in the top engineering college.
Remember there are thousands of students eyeing on top engineering college. Only a handful of these students make it to the list. Such colleges are IITs, NITs and other colleges such as BITs and so on. Since these colleges are the recognized as prestigious colleges of the country, the entrance exams are also relatively tough.
However there are other best engineering college in haryana the country who have made it to the list of country’s top institution for engineering. And one such college is Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Institute of Engineering and Technology aka JMIT. This institute is one of the top engineering colleges in Haryana.
Spanning across an area of 32 acres, the campus of JMIT College is defined by its state-of-the-art infrastructure and exquisite flora. The ambience is beautiful and becomes vivacious once students starts coming to the college. Situated at a distance of 28km from Kurukshetra, and 18km from Yamuna Nagar, this institute is run by a Governors Board which consists of superior persons in academics and industry. The top engineering college of Haryana, JMIT has been approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Department of Technical Education (DTE), Haryana. This institute is affiliated to Kurukshetra University.
JMIT College also has other programmes such as MTech, MBA, and MCA. Separate building blocks are dedicated to each program. Also separate buildings blocks are constructed for each department of engineering and technology. There are over 3000 students studying in the campus. Students can reside inside the campus as it has hostel facility.
‘Excellence through creativity and innovation’ is the main objective of this institution. Included in the list of 22 most prestigious institute of the nation, JMIT Radaur has been set up by a freedom fighter Seth Jai Prakash Mukand. A close confidante of Gandhiji, Seth Jai Prakash was an illiterate. However his wisdom and thirst for knowledge compelled him to abolish illiteracy from the country. Thus established his first school namely Mukand Lal National High School. And it was just the beginning. He embarked on a journey to create esteemed and reputed institute in the country.
JMIT has produced great engineers, managers who have reached the milestone of their careers rapidly. The quality of education received has never been compromised in JMIT. Only excellent education has been provided since decades in this institution. A parent shall blindly trust on the future of his child if he is in JMIT.
Thus if you believe that you have talent and want to nurture it, join JMIT, the top engineering college in Haryana right away. Don’t think twice. If you are selecting JMIT then it’s the right choice!

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