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Engineering has various branches. Over the course of time, various opportunities have arisen for the engineers in private as well as the public sector. Various engineering colleges have worked to provide great growth opportunities to engineering students to build in a great career in engineering. Here are the various engineering fields to make a choice from:


One of the oldest held branches of engineering which  always remains shining, Mechanical engineering is one of the most preferred course by the students due to various growth opportunities. Acquiring numerous skills, learning new things, and a good pay scale make it a lucrative option. Mechanical engineers make complex designs for various equipment and machines. Mathematics, practical knowledge, mechanical knowledge everything is needed in the field.



Revolving around the electrical field, it has electricity and electronics as major elements of study. This sector has been growing rapidly over the period of time. In this field, the engineers are required to plan, design and grow equipment related to electronics and electricity. Controlling, organizing and supervising of electrical equipments also falls under this category. The growing need of electricity has made it a booming sector.



Choosing chemical industry has become a common affair amongst the student as it is turning out to be a highly desirable field according to the market conditions. Offering handsome packages, chemical engineers are recruited across the globe. A chemical engineer has to cater to various requirements of respective plants and chemical equipment. Chemicals, production, power, manufacturing all the industries require chemical engineers.



From the construction of roads and metros to the amazing infrastructure of huge malls, everything is done by the civil engineers. Bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings etc are prepared and organized by civil engineers. Natural environment like oceans, rivers etc are also a part of civil engineering. It is less fascinating for the students as compared to electronics and IT. The jobs related to construction, supervising the finance to be used in construction, and proper allocation of the skills etc is required.



It is the most prestigious, fascinating and rewarding course, as IT is the fastest growing industry today. The branch deals with all the aspect of computer sciences such as programming, coding, software etc. Practical knowledge plays a vital role in this. Computers and programming can also help an individual to become self employed. India has a huge mass of students in computer sciences as it provides a decent job and great growth opportunities.



It is the branch of vehicle engineering combining the elements of various types of engineering such as electronics, mechanical, IT and software etc which are used for designing and functioning of various automobiles. Moderation of vehicles is also included in automobile engineering. Automobile industry is a huge industry with diverse needs which provides job opportunities for the engineering pass outs. Due to the increasing demand for automobiles, the industry has been witnessing a major hike in terms of employment.


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