Making Into The Top Engineering College Of Haryana- JMIT

Once you graduate from high school, your life witnesses a monumental change. A change which is abhorred by many as they are unable to establish that bond with other students. However this change is inevitable and necessary. But I was the stoic one and my only focus was to get admission in the top engineering college of Haryana, so bonds and friendships never really bothered me. Also I knew I would get plethora of friends in my engineering college.
My father is an engineer. He studied from the top engineering college of Haryana. My mother is a lecturer; she also studied from the same college as my father did. We were 3 siblings and I was the youngest one. The elder ones already graduated from the top engineering colleges and now all eyes were on me! I was not as bright as other siblings and cousins in my family who were already studying in best engineering colleges of India. But I knew if I give my 100% I would definitely achieve this feat.
After my 12th board exams, I prepared for the engineering entrance exams. During this time, I came across one of the top engineering colleges of Haryana. Since we hailed from Haryana, I was ready to take admission in the best engineering college of the city. And the best one I came across was JMIT i.e. Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute of Technology. Situated in the outskirts of Kurukshetra, this college is defined by its state of the art infrastructure and excellent education provided to the students. Being the best engineering college in Haryana, JMIT students have excelled in every field with flying colors.
I ransacked the entire college website to realize the beautiful ambience of the college campus. And the events held would make every student want to enter in this college. The students also performed well in academics and the placements in this college were 100%. JMIT made it to the list of most sought after engineering colleges of Haryana. And in no time became my first preference. People would never stop singing praises of this college as it was one of the best engineering colleges of the State and students from around the country applied for this college. However, very few make it to the list.
Keeping JMIT in mind I prepared for the test for two months. Finally when the day arrived I was anxious before the exam. Somehow, I started having dreams about the college. And nightmares too; I did not make it to the college by 1 mark. My father drove me to the test centre and wished me best luck. I knew he had faith in me. Well everyone in my family had faith in me except me. I know its hazardous as no faith could lead to low self-esteem. I entered the exam room and keeping my mind calm I solved the question paper.
After three hours, the bell rang and we were out of the exam hall. I was happy because my exam was good. My father who was standing outside the exam centre asked me how was the paper. I chose not to reply. However, when I came back home, I tallied my answers and most of them were correct. I was taking a step closer to top engineering college of Haryana.
When the results eventually arrived I kept my fingers crossed. I typed my roll number and birth date on the result website. My heart started racing like never before. I was waiting for the system to display my result. When it was displayed I couldn’t believe my eyes! I scored 125 marks in the entrance exam. My happiness knew no boundaries. Everyone in my family including my siblings was happy for me. Now since I proved that I was the bright one I was flying on cloud nine. However, one thing was still not over the CAP rounds.
The best engineering colleges of Haryana had various criteria including 10th and 12th board marks. At first place I was afraid I would never make it JMIT. However my fears faded away when I saw the criteria for college. I filled out my CAP forms and this time I could not wait for the results. With each passing day my desire to make it to the top engineering college of Haryana was growing. This time I started day-dreaming as well.
It seems easy when you score good marks and make it to the best engineering college. However, some students are still left behind due to inadequate marks. We cannot blame the system as well.
Finally the results were out. Now I couldn’t breathe as my conscience was yelling JMIT. I asked my mother to see the result for me. I closed my eyes and started praying. She came up to me and said its Civil…
And?- I replied. I had a big lump in my mouth and would start crying right away. I did!
And its JMIT Civil!- Mom yelled and hugged me!
I was welling up in happiness!
My dream to enter the best engineering college of Haryana eventually became true!

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