Being a post graduate English teacher, I always feel worried about my naughty son. He is almost 18 and never took an appropriate decision on his own. Being an influencer and guider for him, I think I have pampered him to an extend that he takes everything in life for granted and when it comes to choosing a profession and an appropriate path to be adopted to reach the desirable goal, I need to set all of them for him. As far as the course was concerned, it was pre decided that it should be engineering that too in the field of soft wares’. Software development is a field with lots of scope. We had to make a wise choice and chose the keeping in view each and every essential factor. It was a matter of concern as this will be an initial step of reach the aim. Every parent wishes to send their ward to be the best and beat everyone, so was I. Waiting for the results of JEE and JEE Mains, I was a bit nervous as it was about the entire life of my ward. As, we had invested a lot on the entrance exams from the past two years and wanted him to excel and do well in the entrance exams which could help him get into a better college. I wanted him to enter the top engineering college in Haryana. He was awarded with a good rank, with the grace of god he could make way to the I was happy that my son was able to score a good position despite after much competition. Now, after waiting for the counselling rounds, I preferred to send him to the college Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute of Eng. & Technology (JMIT) which is the top engineering college in Haryana. Internet showed excellent reviews and I have knowns some of the alumni’s of JMIT who have established themselves successfully in the field of technology. I was feeling confident about the JMIT College due to its previous record of merits. Being a mischievous person, my son needs a safe and studious environment complemented by the regular lectures. Faculty including teachers who genuinely impart education to students with a motive of providing knowledge which could help the student in shaping up a bright future for them. All the quality features added with a good quality crowd makes it the . After a visit to the college, I was amazed to see the amount of greenery the campus had with a large area. With the batches running in all the professional courses, it was the right choice for a bright future being a top engineering college in Haryana, it has facilities which could compliment the studies and help the students in developing into a better personality overall.

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