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Engineering: A Choice of every student

Engineering: A Choice of every student

Engineering has been such a course which never goes out of trend, thousands of students go for Engineering in order to pursue a professional degree. Engineers are much in demand, be it nationally or internationally. It is a very versatile career in itself with number of branches which student can opt for, each branch has a wide scope and has too much to explore to. Students can select their branch according to their area of interest like CS (Computer Science) or IT (Informational Technology). Similarly, students who are excited by the ideas of cars and bikes are often seen joining the Automobile Engineering. Students having the knack for big buildings and constructions can go for Civil Engineering and Engineering in the field of Environment has also gradually become popular.

Keeping in mind the aim of nurturing quality engineers, we at JMIT, Haryana offers world class education, especially in the field of Engineering. B.Tech course in Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Computer Science. The institution aims at providing both theoretical and practical knowledge to its students with fully equipped laboratories so that student can have empirical study out of the classrooms. The curriculum of Engineering is set in such a way that a graduate from the Institution would do wonders and make a mark in the field of engineering colleges in haryana.

The scope of Engineering is broader than what it appears to be, earlier only few branches of Engineering were known to people, but as times have changed the options which Engineering provides has also increased. Engineering is a four years rigorous professional course, the student is given both theoretical and practical knowledge and also has to go for internship so that he/she may get an idea of the type of work which is expected from them. The latest changing trend in this field is that, it is not limited only to boys; girls have also shown interest and take up Engineering. It is one of the most technical courses, and requires technical aptitude to get into Engineering. Research says that in India Engineering graduates are much in demand and the faculties also makes sure that this demand is fulfilled and it gives the nation its best Engineers. Engineering students are said to explore opportunities and they enjoy a flourishing career. Hence, the students find B.Tech, the most exciting course both nationally and internationally.

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