Engineering is the field which demands technicality and great amount of technological knowledge. Innovation and creativity is an essence of engineers. The most successful engineers gather more of practical knowledge and focus more on the practical applications and understanding of every field. Engineering is a highly demanded professional course at present and has much scope when we take it as a profession. I have known many engineers in my relations who are doing well in their life and have established themselves properly. Being a science student, I was interested in taking engineering as a course and later as a profession. Information Technology field had always influenced me and I wanted to take IT and computer sciences as the major field in engineering. IT has a major scope across the globe and I wanted to do something big with IT. Engineering has always been a passion and a field of interest for me. Taking one of the best engineering colleges has always been my dream for which I was preparing for the past three years. After I was done with my engineering entrance exams I was looking after the best engineering colleges in Haryana, being a resident of Haryana I wanted to stay up at my place and study. I searched for the Haryana and analyzed the list. After checking out the faculty, location, distance, transportation facility, placement records, fee structure, quality of crowd, the scope of growth and various reviews flooding over the internet. Amongst theĀ  colleges the one which could suit my requirements and capabilities was the college Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology (JMIT). It is ranked as one of the best engineering college in haryana located at Haryana. After visiting the JMIT College I analyzed the various features. The faculty was amazing and the teachers were experienced and trained in terms of teaching quality the teachers were granting education in a selfless manner, the results were a proof that the college had an amazing faculty. The location was adorable and charming with greenery spread all across the campus area. The campus area was huge and beautifully structured and designed. The area was free from the pollutants, environmental conditions were good in the college area which made its location eye capturing and alluring. Ranked amongst the engineering colleges, the JMIT College has done a huge advancement in technology in the past few years. With the professional courses like B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA it is serving the interests of various students. JMIT was not at a far off place from my residence and was convenient to travel daily with a good connectivity with the transportation. The fee structure was affordable and worthy for a course like B.Tech. The placement record was also appreciable; a country like India has the market conditions to allow the growth of engineers. The crowd was good and studious with a number of quality students justifying its position in the engineering colleges of India.

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