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Hard work is necessary to achieve our goals in life. But concentration on studies alone with no recreation tends to make students unsociable. The mind works in such a way that it can achieve the impossible. However, it needs proper rest to keep it from getting overtaxed. An overburdened mind tends to lose all charm and in turn makes the personality distant, dull and rude. Often students are made to study their lessons continuously so as to get good results in examinations. But this results in additional mental pressure instead of better results. Furthermore, a relaxed mind is a rejuvenated mind, as recreation revitalizes the mind’s abilities to the fullest and lets you start studies with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm. That is why we stress upon extracurricular activities in our college. This is very important in the case of students because it is the age when their personalities are being formed. In short, extracurricular activities are as important for students as studies are. A proper combination of work with adequate play, fun and frolic will turn out in making them better people end eventual leaders of tomorrow.

Keeping this in mind, JMIT has laid emphasis on Sports, Games and Extra Curricular Activities in the campus. The institute has proper facilities for the subsequent forms of activities. Sports are a vital activity that is disbursed to encourage the sense of healthy competition amidst all spherical development of the scholars. The faculty has sensible infrastructure for sports & games. The activities embody varied outdoor and indoor games

Health Club: The gymnasium contains a specialist trainer, treadmills, Weightlifting sets, Cycles, & Dumb Bells.

Trekking Club: The club organizes regular excursions. The institute has inspired several Students for venture some activities like trekking and also helped in their academics.

Trips and Tours: The Institute arranges technical and refreshing (Site Scene) journeys on time to time basis.

Contests in various games & sports are organized annually and students get an ample chance to use all the Facilities on every day to day basis, so that they sharpen their skill set and become true leaders in every field.

The alumni association of JMIT was established in 1999. This Association has over five hundred members. Working under the able supervision of the Director, the Alumni Committee is an active body of JMIT. The annual meeting of the association is organized within the institute and a half-yearly newsletter is published. The Alumni news letter featured the following information and updates.


  • Outstanding tutorial Achievements.
  • Research Publication/Presentations.
  • Courses/Conferences/Expert Lectures.
  • Additions to Infrastructure.
  • Sports Achievements.
  • Extra information & Co-Curricular Activities.
  • Articles of general nature.


In conclusion, JMIT is not your regular Engineering College, but a hub of multiple facets of life. The goal here is not just to create engineers of tomorrow, but to lay the foundation for successful and capable people, who inspire lives wherever they go.


Engineering is a field demanding individuals with great potential and knowledge in the practical field. Engineers have been a boon for the society. From education to health sectors everyone demands an engineer. For the upcoming engineers, it is necessary to make a wise choice while choosing their college. As the college determines and boosts the personality and various traits in an individual which helps in shaping them for their future in a better way. If you have scored well in the entrance examinations, there are chances that you get an opportunity to enter various colleges. Choosing the ideal college is the most challenging and an important task for a student. Here are the tips to select an ideal engineering college:


One of the most important things is taking a count of your aptitude. Engineering itself has various different streams to offer such as computers, electronics, mechanical, etc. Analyse your needs from the course and make an appropriate choice based on your interest and capabilities. Analyse the demand of a particular stream in the competitive market. The kind of personality inherited can be a crucial element in deciding which stream to chose.


You can choose your college based on your ultimate goal after studies are over. Whether you want to pursue a business or opt for a job, whether you wish to stay up in India or go abroad. These factors can play the role of a key determinant in deciding a college.


Researching the background and the whole scenario that relates to the college is a must.

  • Details about the college– Ranging from the faculty to the placement scenario, everything is important to be passed and kept an eye upon. Ranking of the college and the position of engineering in that college must be checked.
  • Location and campus area– Distance from your residence, travelling accessibility, conditions persisting in the area, various socio-cultural barriers, safety in the area etc must be kept an eye upon.
  • Background of the family– In case of a family business, engineering can just be a kind of interest not to be carried forward in future which helps in determining the college to be chosen.
  • Internet and some physical research is a must– brochures, web links leading to the college, reviews, educational sites can influence the decision. Some alumni of the engineering field and a small visit to the colleges can also serve to be an informative deed.


A branded and well known college must be given a preference as compared to a lesser known one. Choosing an already established and well reputed college is a better option. A stream that matches your power should be given a priority.


After our 10th Std. the biggest question that arises in our mind that which subject we should opt and what are the scopes of different fields? Each and every field has its own scope but the versatility offered by Engineering is just beyond expectations. For getting an engineering degree, the first and foremost step starts in the class 11th only, where you prepare really very hard to get into your dream engineering college. Now comes the second step that is the branch selection.
Actually engineering is further divided into many branches of it, which are: Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and many subparts including Agriculture Engineering and certain specialized courses such as Mechatronics Engineering (specialization in robotics). Engineering is wide spread each branch has it’s own importance.
Talking about each branch mentioned above, we will start our journey with the CSE, the most wanted branch these days.
1. CSE (Computer Science Engineering): As the technology has advanced, especially in the virtual world, everyone is keen to understand the base of this world which is laid in this branch, with specialization in dealing with these virtual world problems.
2. Mechanical Engineering: Known as the versatile branch of engineering Mechanical Engineering has a special place in engineering. Mechanical Engineers deal with the daily life problems which we face daily in the real world, like problems related to automobiles, or designing of automobiles all of these things comes under the dept. of Mechanical Engineering.
3. Electrical Engineering: Electrical best engineering college in haryana is again a very important branch of engineering. Electrical Engineers deals with the problems related with the application of electricity, and electromagnetism.
4. Civil Engineering: The Civil Engineers are those experts who design our houses, flyovers buildings, and with their technical skills they firstly make the basic model of your house on a paper and then make a perfect architecture of any type of building.

The specialization course basically elevates your level a little up amongst your fellow mates. Like for example in Mechatronics Engineering, most of the concepts of Mechanical Engineering are applied with a little advancement with specialization in the robotics field.

While getting into engineering everyone aspires the highest packages, jobs in Google or Microsoft. But that is not the only thing an engineer does. Engineering is said to be the toughest course that is taught with the highest number of assignments to be solved which makes an engineer deal with each and every pressure of the life, and to think in a very positive manner in the tough situations in life. For the rest an engineer is always free to apply for the govt. jobs because govt. also needs engineers, because of the efficiency and proficiency in their work field.
Apart from the work engineering is a study of science, to which the world is dependent, so being an engineer gives you a responsibility, gives you a task to help the world with your engineering skills, and try and work for the betterment of the world.

Looking at the Indian education scenario, as the trend goes; most students would like to pursue professional programmers such as medicine and engineering. Since fewer seats are available for medicine, getting an MBBS seat has become extremely difficult and the majority is left with the next popular option—engineering.Bachelor’s degree in engineering is one of the most well-known and sought after courses in India. Many students opt to be an engineer in India and each year the students doing engineering have been increasing exponentially. The B. Tech or B.E. is a course pursued by students after completing their 12th class. Students usually opt for engineering, but find it difficult when it comes to the selection of specialization or to choose best B.Tech Branches. I myself have done software engineering from the topengineering colleges in India and as a student of engineering I know how important it is for a student to select and pursue their choice of engineering.  For more insights and further information about  top engineering college in haryana.

From electrical and computer engineering to environmental and biomedical engineering, an engineering degree offers a wide range of career possibilities. But the majority of today’s college graduates will have more than one career during their work life, and engineering can provide a strong foundation for almost any one of them. If you pursue your engineering from top engineering colleges in India then you will assuredly get placed as they offer the best placements. They provide the best placement opportunities to the students. Most of the students choose the career which providesthe best placements and better job opportunities.

Engineering is a profession which best suits the choice of the modern generation.Now takes a look around you. What do you see? Maybe books, chairs, a television, or even your clothes. All the day to day things that are man-made, you can be sure that an engineer helped make it. Engineers have shaped our world as we know it. There are many different kinds of engineering from chemical, mechanical, textile, civil, agricultural and structural engineering which is offered by many top engineering colleges in India.Our civilization would be as advanced as the Stone Age without these people. This career demands a wide education of math and science. It is an ever-changing career with new advances in materials and the way products are produced. Engineering careers are very secure with respect to compensation. Regardless of this, it does have its disadvantages as well. All and all engineering is demanding, but well worth the work. The on-campus placement of top engineering colleges is commendable.