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“Rain water accumulated on the roof top without an outlet shall bring down the roof. Likewise, wealth without charity will ruin the household of wealthy.”

– Seth Jai Parkash

Believing in this philosophy, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of JMIT was formally established in the year 2006 as a leap forward to attain this goal.  The main idea behind its inception was to create, foster and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, and assist our society and economy by making “job generators”.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell is functioning in the college with the intention of nurturing the entrepreneurial skill set of the students. The cell provides a platform for aspirants to pursue entrepreneurial activities and also provides assistance to potential entrepreneurs. With the primary goal of developing true innovators amidst engineers, it strives to assist every aspiring entrepreneur on the road to a successful Start-up. The active involvement of students and faculty in the cell promotes and revitalizes the entrepreneurial culture in the college.

The Institute is in vicinity that abounds in small-scale and medium scale industries. So it comes as no surprise that twenty-two of its alumni became full-fledged entrepreneurs.

JMIT, along with Wadhwani Foundation’s NEN has launched a certificate course named as “Learnwise”. This program encourages entrepreneurship among the scholars.


  • Give consultation/ helpful information on MSME Registration/ loan schemes/ business set up framework/ government policies and incubation facilities for fitting new ventures.
  • Produce awareness concerning social entrepreneurs.
  • Organize interactive sessions with alumni entrepreneurs.
  • Communication of helpful info shared by our partners (CII/NEN/AAJR) to our students.
  • Coaching programs on entrepreneurship development.
  • Conduct webinars from NEN.
  • Organize student visits to operational SMEs and Incubation centres.
  • Communicate the government’s initiatives and schemes (like start-up India/Skill India) to the scholars.

Mission of EDC:

  • To form a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship
  • To act as associate info centre for planning/registering and capitalise upon revolutionary business ideas
  • To make a nexus of alumni-entrepreneurs, current students, industries and policy manufacturers.
  • To provide business incubation to early-stage entrepreneurs.
  • Instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship

Long Term Goals (5 Years)

  • Motivating students to develop their own start-ups.
  • Developing business incubators.
  • Creating corpus funds to seed entrepreneurial ventures.

Short Term Goals (2 Years)

  • Providing a platform for interaction with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Imparting entrepreneurial skills to students through various exercises.
  • Arranging interactions with bodies promoting the cause of entrepreneurship.
Engineering, JMIT Updates

Engineering has various branches. Over the course of time, various opportunities have arisen for the engineers in private as well as the public sector. Various engineering colleges have worked to provide great growth opportunities to engineering students to build in a great career in engineering. Here are the various engineering fields to make a choice from:


One of the oldest held branches of engineering which  always remains shining, Mechanical engineering is one of the most preferred course by the students due to various growth opportunities. Acquiring numerous skills, learning new things, and a good pay scale make it a lucrative option. Mechanical engineers make complex designs for various equipment and machines. Mathematics, practical knowledge, mechanical knowledge everything is needed in the field.



Revolving around the electrical field, it has electricity and electronics as major elements of study. This sector has been growing rapidly over the period of time. In this field, the engineers are required to plan, design and grow equipment related to electronics and electricity. Controlling, organizing and supervising of electrical equipments also falls under this category. The growing need of electricity has made it a booming sector.



Choosing chemical industry has become a common affair amongst the student as it is turning out to be a highly desirable field according to the market conditions. Offering handsome packages, chemical engineers are recruited across the globe. A chemical engineer has to cater to various requirements of respective plants and chemical equipment. Chemicals, production, power, manufacturing all the industries require chemical engineers.



From the construction of roads and metros to the amazing infrastructure of huge malls, everything is done by the civil engineers. Bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings etc are prepared and organized by civil engineers. Natural environment like oceans, rivers etc are also a part of civil engineering. It is less fascinating for the students as compared to electronics and IT. The jobs related to construction, supervising the finance to be used in construction, and proper allocation of the skills etc is required.



It is the most prestigious, fascinating and rewarding course, as IT is the fastest growing industry today. The branch deals with all the aspect of computer sciences such as programming, coding, software etc. Practical knowledge plays a vital role in this. Computers and programming can also help an individual to become self employed. India has a huge mass of students in computer sciences as it provides a decent job and great growth opportunities.



It is the branch of vehicle engineering combining the elements of various types of engineering such as electronics, mechanical, IT and software etc which are used for designing and functioning of various automobiles. Moderation of vehicles is also included in automobile engineering. Automobile industry is a huge industry with diverse needs which provides job opportunities for the engineering pass outs. Due to the increasing demand for automobiles, the industry has been witnessing a major hike in terms of employment.



Engineering is a field demanding individuals with great potential and knowledge in the practical field. Engineers have been a boon for the society. From education to health sectors everyone demands an engineer. For the upcoming engineers, it is necessary to make a wise choice while choosing their college. As the college determines and boosts the personality and various traits in an individual which helps in shaping them for their future in a better way. If you have scored well in the entrance examinations, there are chances that you get an opportunity to enter various colleges. Choosing the ideal college is the most challenging and an important task for a student. Here are the tips to select an ideal engineering college:


One of the most important things is taking a count of your aptitude. Engineering itself has various different streams to offer such as computers, electronics, mechanical, etc. Analyse your needs from the course and make an appropriate choice based on your interest and capabilities. Analyse the demand of a particular stream in the competitive market. The kind of personality inherited can be a crucial element in deciding which stream to chose.


You can choose your college based on your ultimate goal after studies are over. Whether you want to pursue a business or opt for a job, whether you wish to stay up in India or go abroad. These factors can play the role of a key determinant in deciding a college.


Researching the background and the whole scenario that relates to the college is a must.

  • Details about the college– Ranging from the faculty to the placement scenario, everything is important to be passed and kept an eye upon. Ranking of the college and the position of engineering in that college must be checked.
  • Location and campus area– Distance from your residence, travelling accessibility, conditions persisting in the area, various socio-cultural barriers, safety in the area etc must be kept an eye upon.
  • Background of the family– In case of a family business, engineering can just be a kind of interest not to be carried forward in future which helps in determining the college to be chosen.
  • Internet and some physical research is a must– brochures, web links leading to the college, reviews, educational sites can influence the decision. Some alumni of the engineering field and a small visit to the colleges can also serve to be an informative deed.

A branded and well known college must be given a preference as compared to a lesser known one. Choosing an already established and well reputed college is a better option. A stream that matches your power should be given a priority.

Engineering, JMIT Updates

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

This statement by Benjamin Franklin justifies the idea of taking up internships, especially for students. One gets to know and learn better when one gets involved in the actual work environment. College lectures disseminate all the requisite theoretical knowledge but internships support and help in polishing the knowledge gathered within the four walls of the classroom. Internships have become an integral part of all courses, be it professional or non-professional. Students look forward to the internship part of their education, it is like a trailer before the actual movie comes out. Just like a trailer of a movie gives the audience an idea of what the whole movie may be like and then helps in deciding whether to watch the movie or not, internship gives one an idea of what kind of work will be offered after pursuing a particular course and prepares one for functioning in his/her field of work.

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Engineering, JMIT Updates

Before differentiating Resume and CV, both of these are used in job applicants. Let’s describe them one by one. Let’s first talk about Resume. Resume is summary of your education, work history, credentials, and other accomplishments and skills. Resume talks about your objective and career statement both of which are very necessary for applying for a job, a strong objective and career statement shows your potential and interest about your work. A Resume should always be as concise as possible. Resume has got different types which includes chronological, Functional and combination formats. Try to include bulleted points in resumes as it helps to keep the information concise. The size of resume is generally one page long although sometimes it can be as long as two pages.

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JMIT Updates

We are glad to inform all the students and staff members that Mr.Vickey Nandal, Roll No. 1209412, student of Mechanical Engg. 2013 passout batch , resident of Panipat has been selected for PM Scholarship for Ph.D. course from IIT Delhi.  A scholarship of Rs. 25000/- per month will be awarded to him by the Government.

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Today’s world is a corporate world where lies endless opportunities in corporate sector for young generation. Want to get a high qualified degree for your B.Tech?

Come let’s go for a ride to check out the Top Engineering Colleges in Haryana whose history of placements and quality of education will blow you up.

The Institute was established by the Ved Prakash Mukand Lal Educational Society (Regd.) in the year 1995.  JMIT stand up for its excellence, providing quality technical and management education, research and training.  JMIT Radaur is the most prestigious among the 22 institutions of knowledge & learning.  Many hundreds of placements are secured by the Institute making it a no.1 Institute ranking between the best Engineering College in Haryana. It is a autonomous institute which is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and is in its sixteen years of operation. Various workshops and competitions are held within the campus to develop the students’ capability in various fields. The Institute believes in preparing the students well in advance concurrent to their education and training to avail these opportunities. It promotes the inter disciplinary higher education for bachelors along with masters. To achieve it time to time JMIT invites the achievers in the respective field to give exposure to their students so that they can confidently face the challenging corporate world.  Their vision lies in “Excellence Through creativity and innovation” and to produce advanced Engineers, Managers and Technologies with Training of Head, Heart and Hands Employable anywhere in the world”

Not only this, JMIT fulfills all of their social responsibilities like took an initiative for the blood donation movement in the year 1972 .The movement caught the attention of the teachers and youth in a big way and today the students have made it a habit to frequently donate blood for the people who are in need of it. More than a noble and humanitarian deed, it has become a religion for them. The students took a pledge, to not let to die any people due to unavailability of blood in their locality. It is estimated that all the Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institutions all over Northern India have donated over 38,861 units of blood 2015.

Likewise, various other programmers like going paperless, free help, charities etc are successfully run by the Institute. So, all what we can say is studying in JMIT really gives a wholesome experience to the students.