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The nation today has numerous needs, dependent only on technology. This need, in turn has boosted the need for engineers in the country.  From bridges, buildings and electricity to the mechanics and computers, everything has a lasting need of engineers. Can you imagine living in a society where there are no engineers? A society without engineers has no growth prospects for it. Engineers have made a major contribution in making our nation grow not just in the terms of technology, but in making ample contributions in education, agriculture and medical sectors by designing various essential equipments and structures as well.


Engineers play a key role in providing productivity to the society and satisfying the ever growing needs of technology. These are some of the benefits a person can avail by opting for engineering as a course-


Choosing a career that is enjoyable is indeed a pleasure. Spending the most part of your day at a job that you really enjoy doing is a fortune only a few of us can enjoy.  If you have made the correct choice regarding your branch of engineering, the job will never disappoint you.



Ranging from IT, Chemical, Civil, Electronics and Mechanical, engineering cannot fail to provide a variety to the mass number of students opting for a career in it. Engineering helps a student to grab knowledge in any of the desirable fields which lays down a strong track for the career to be chosen.



For the engineers, even the starting salary is satisfactory enough, and is one of the highest paying professions. The growth is also usually a steady graph, pointing in the upwards direction. It allows engineers to go ahead with all other activities without worrying about financial issues.

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Engineering offers a degree of professionalism which helps an individual to establish some amount of name, fame, autonomy in making decisions and a respectful career. Engineering offers opportunity for an individual to grow in terms of money and status during the job by exposing him to professional and technical work.



Engineering itself is a profession offering huge amount of creativity in the individuals. Over the period of time there has been a boom in the field of technology. So, there is excessive need of the professionals who help in the growth and development of the society through their creative thinking.



Engineers have a very essential role in uplifting the society through various techniques. Engineers participate in various projects such as hunting for the new energy resources, developing buildings and the environmental resources in an effective manner for more productivity.

Due to the tremendous need of technology, the engineers always stay in demand which helps them to get a respectful position in the society. Engineering is among the most prestigious professions for a reason. Calling yourself an engineer is an honor that has to be earned and cannot be gained by any other method



Choosing a career can be the most difficult decision in one’s life as choosing a career helps to set professional goals and develop a strategy for getting where you want to be. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the field where you want to build up your future. After completion of studies I too was very baffled about my career as there are a numerous options to choose from. After doing a lot of research and with the support of my family I finally decided to pursue engineering from the best colleges for engineering since Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the best colleges for engineering is one of the most well known and sought after courses in India. Many students opt to be an engineer in India and each year the students doing engineering have been increasing exponentially and so is the number of engineering colleges in Haryana.
Making a decision about the correct college to choose from many options that are available is difficult. But no doubt that engineering colleges in Haryana are the best college for engineering. The colleges have sufficient amount of infrastructure according to its intake capacity. Also the engineering colleges in Haryana provide the best faculty and the facilities too. I myself have done engineering from engineering college of Haryana which is among the best colleges for engineering. Engineering offers a variety of options from electrical and computer engineering to environmental and biomedical engineering. You can choose anyone of them. Well, speaking about selecting the best B. Tech course for your career from engineering colleges in Haryana, it is something that only you can decide depending on where your interest lies. Gone are the days when we used to spend sleepless nights, thinking of what course to join for making our future great. Seeing the present, analyzing the past and looking into what future holds the answer to all our worries is an engineering degree from best colleges for engineering. Since I had a great interest in the information technology sector so I opted for computer engineering. An engineering degree from engineering colleges in Haryana offers a wide range of career possibilities. If you pursue your engineering from best colleges for engineering then you will surely get placed as they offer the best placements. They provide the best placement opportunities to the students . The on campus placement of engineering college in Haryana is commendable.

Engineering, Innovation

Today in the modern era more and more new technologies are being introduced in the human lives. Take a look around yourself! Everything around you whether it’s the chair, television or the mobile phones that you use every hour of the day is the innovation of our engineers only. Engineers are the backbone of our society and the creatures who would lead us to a more bright future. Engineers are the need of today. So it is very necessary to provide quality education to the builders of our future.
Four year training from a well reputed college provides you an engineering degree. There are many top engineering college in haryana which trains a student to its best so that they can give their 100% to the country. Keeping in mind the importance of education of an engineer the government of India has also taken measurable steps provide quality education to them. Many government colleges like Delhi Technological University, NIIT, IIT and many more are established for the welfare of the students. They impart quality education since years & runs engineering courses in various disciplines which are based on industry fusion and project based learning. So if you are planning to make an everlasting social impact as an engineer, then the University with all its merits helps students in achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams.There are varieties of field in engineering to excel in. Usually in the first year a student is taught maths and science provides creative work, the chance to work with a team, and the compensation is far from the average.
Then in the second year you need to choose the field where you interest lies. The basic areas which you can choose from is Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering and a bit more. The education of an engineer is probably the most demanding as far as the mastery of the material given as any other degree. It involves complete attention and determination of a student.. Towards the end of their college career, the student will usually be offered a job by recruitment or they are hired after they graduate. Most employers seek out four-year graduates with a degree in a specific area of concentration. An best engineering college in haryana degree enables students to crack civil services examinations including Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services and Indian Revenue Services. By their skills they provide efficient technical and administrative services to the center as well as state government. This also one of the reasons for government being cautious about education of an engineer.
So the one group of people that have the responsibility to tackle the complex problems and move us towards a better future. They are Engineers and together we have the ability to create this future!

Engineering, Innovation

After schooling a child and his parents are baffled about the career since there are numerous choices to opt from. What profession to choose is the big question for today’s generation. As the time is approaching for the students to get admission in colleges so is the tension among the students is increasing. Each student has his own field of interest and the choice of profession must entirely based on student’s interest only.
As far as I remember I have always been interested in automobiles. When I was young however I wasn’t to sure how I wanted to use that interest and make a career out of it. I juggled around a few ideas: bus driver, gas station employee, taxi driver, etc. It wasn’t until I got older however that I realized how low down those jobs were. So I looked around to find a higher-class job that paid more money. My older brother mentioned to me about Mechanical Engineering and designing cars. Of course that would be the perfect career for me, decent pay, easy job, and for me it would be an enjoyable job. To pursue mechanical engineering one needs to go to college for four years to get the degree. Apart from the career selection, college selection is also one of the most important criterion. One needs to choose the best engineering college. JMIT being one of the best engineering college in haryana provides you with the mechanical engineering degree. The learning culture and faculties at JMIT are superb and they let you help to apply knowledge to come up with new ideas and solve problems, build, and design. The college ranks as one of the top engineering college in terms of providing knowledge profile. Going into this career means having great skills in math, science and be able to work well with the mind. After pursuing the mechanical engineering, one can work in multiple branches of industry, including transportation, power generation and tool manufacture. Mechanical engineering plays a role in many different areas, such as: automated manufacturing, environmental control, transportation, biomedical fields, computer fields, fossil fuel and nuclear power. The designs of a Mechanical Engineering major’s are very diverse. They range from designing tiny measuring instruments to huge aircraft carriers or power plants. They also test, evaluate, distribute, and market the instruments that they and their fellow mechanical engineers create. Mechanical engineering has been involved with the development of wind and water turbines, steam engines, and internal combustion engines. top engineering college in haryana The demand for mechanical engineers with good technical skills has been high for many years. There are many aspects of education that you must master to be able to get a degree in mechanical .

My brother was passionate in doing the engineering in computer science from top engineering colleges. He explored the list of colleges through different sources and finally came up with few top engineering colleges offering different courses. JMIT located in Radaur at a distance of 18km from YAMUNA NAGAR, KURUKSHETRA came on the top list. He said that it is not only the best college but a perfect place for acquiring good knowledge. The college has a salubrious atmosphere as it is located in pollution-free and surrounded with lush green. The Institute is said to be an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute and is in its sixteen years of operation as one of the top engineering college in Haryana.
Whenever people ask him about the college, my brother says in a pride that I have been enjoying the studies there. Not only this, he boasts of the innumerable merits he has been receiving studying at JMIT. My brother is happy and fully satisfied with his college and he proclaims that he is studying in one of the best engineering college in haryana. So, still my question to him was- how did the college won his heart and also I was very much excited to know about Engineering.
He gave me a detailed explanation that engineering is all about generating and implementing technical, scientific & mathematical ideas into reality. Thus, engineers turns vision into reality and JMIT is one of them in India with such large number of young talented engineers.
Besides the quality education, JMIT offers programs in innovative and emerging areas. The vision of the college lies in making quality education available in different areas of knowledge to the students as per their inclination towards their interest.
The learning culture and faculties at JMIT are superb and they let you help to apply knowledge to come up with new ideas and solve problems, build, and design. The college ranks as one of the top engineering college in Haryana in terms of providing knowledge profile.
Rapidly, JMIT has been emerging as a brand. They have a great placement cell which invites top company for their students. Placement and training cell constantly strives for the best placements for student. My brother feels on cloud nine after joining the college. The highly-qualified professors and teaching staff ensure that student’s get the best empirical education related to the real-world situations.
Now, even I am deeply impressed with the magnanimous infrastructure of the engineering college. The Smart class room facility, well-equipped laboratories and workshops with the latest technology tempts me to join the Institute. I do believe that besides having engineering degree it is very important to have all round development. And I saw drastic change in my cousin within an year. He joined various personality development programs which were mandate and regular for every JMIT student. It was the thing that I liked the most about that college!
Engineering colleges like JMIT are known for their excellence in research and innovation, and for its strong links with business and industry.

Engineering, Innovation

Want to become an engineer? Or your parents are forcing you to become one? Engineering is considered to be one of the most important and most wanted courses in the Haryana today. Some wish to become an engineer while some have to do forcibly. Engineering is the most important as mentioned above and also the most profitable job anyone can ever have. Normal people who don’t take engineering seriously finds boring but engineering in today’s world is most profitable job and you get to learn and experience a lot. But this wholly depends upon what kind of colleges you’re choosing? Are they the best engineering colleges? What that particular college is offering? You need to make sure about certain things like what placements they might offer you? What kind of internships they are offering you?
So, here are some of the best engineering college in Haryana you definitely should have a look to
1. National Institute of Tech: This institute was established in 1963 and is situated in kurukshetra, this institute was initially the regional engineering college.
2. University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kurukshetra University: It’s a administration College recognized by the Kurukshetra University in 2004.
3. National Dairy Research Institute: The Institute was recognized in 1923 and was considered as a University in 1989.
4. Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology: The College was previously recognized as Chhotu Ram State College of Engineering and is a government engineering college, recognized in 1987, situated in Murthal, Haryana.
5. University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Maharshi Dayanand University: The institute was recognized in 2005 at Rohtak, Haryana to offer excellence engineering learning to students.
6. The Northcap University: This is an sovereign University and was originated in 1860 and is located in Gurgaon. The University was earlier known as Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak.
7. Manav Rachna College of Engineering: This is a clandestine College, recognized in 2004 as the manav Rachna College of Engineering.
8. Maharishi Markandeshwar University: The University was recognized in 1976 in Rohtak.
9. Baddi University: The College was recognized in 2002 by a civilization named Center for superior Studies in Engineering. The college is the most excellent in its district and is well-known to grant top indentation education, slash hypothetically and virtually, to all its students
10. YMCA University of Science and Technology: Situated in Faridabad, this is a state university that was recognized in 1969.

If you aspire to become a successful engineer and want to rule the word so what you’re waiting for? Go, for the best engineering colleges mentioned above and you won’t regret your decision because these are one of the most famous and the best engineering colleges in Haryana, where everyone who desired to become a successful engineer wish to go and if you got a chance don’t waste it in searching other colleges that aren’t much worth rather than these colleges that are the best and also famous. Do offer the best placements anyone can ever …

Engineering, Innovation

As a normal person, I also have my own ambition. My ambition is to become an engineer. It is not just an ambition but I want it to become a reality to my life. It is true that years of hard work are required to become an engineer, but after of four years of college studying engineering, you can make good money. In fact, engineering is one of the few fields that let you earn good pay after only four years. Besides, it’s not all about the money. It is also an interesting work.

Engineering is a very broad field. There are so many types of engineering, that there is bound to be one you find interest in. Since science and technology are constantly expanding, there will always be new problems to solve-you’ll rarely be bored. Unlike other jobs that require you to do the same thing over and over, the work of engineers greatly varies. In engineering, you will find yourself constantly finding new ways to solve problems. If you truly want to be an engineer, the challenges you will face will just make things more interesting. Overcoming obstacles will help sharpen your mind, helping you deal with problems not only in engineering but in life as well. In facing challenges, you will be encouraged to “think outside of the box” and explore new possibilities. This need to creativity makes engineering even more exciting. There’s no better feeling than the feeling that you accomplished something great. In engineering, you’re doing just that. Imagine looking at a bridge that you helped design or picking up a new invention that you created. Best Engineering college in haryana is all about making things people can use and making life better for everybody. As an engineer, you will be able to see that you’re actually making a difference in the world. There is indeed great strength in diversity. Engineering requires many different perspectives to find a single workable solution. You have the power to show the world what you can do. Don’t always follow the crowd-show people that you are unique but just as capable as anyone else. An engineering degree will allow me flexibility and mobility in my career, as engineers are in demand worldwide and employment rates remain favorable even in an economic downturn. With a petroleum engineering degree, I will be able to become involved in any part of the oil industry from location of underground oil reserves to refining the product. The constant challenge of the engineering field is very appealing because I will be learning each and every day as I adapt to new technologies and processes. Engineering offers daily challenges in creative and logical problems, which is sure to keep me interested in my studies and work for a lifetime.

Another huge factor in my decision to pursue engineering is the ability to help the world’s technology move forward. As a focused and creative individual, I know that I am capable of becoming a valuable part of the global team working to improve the processes of engineering, particularly in the oil industry. In a time when we are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, it is vital to the oil industry to be able to develop and implement environmentally friendly processes of extraction, refining, and transportation.

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Bachelor’s degree in engineering is one of the most well known and sought after courses in India. Many students opt to be an engineer in India and each year the students doing engineering have been increasing exponentially. The B. Tech or B.E. is a course pursued by students after completing their 12th class. Students usually opt for engineering, but find it difficult when it comes to the selection of specialization or to choose best B.Tech Branches.   For more insights and further information about  engineering colleges in haryana Read More