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“Rain water accumulated on the roof top without an outlet shall bring down the roof. Likewise, wealth without charity will ruin the household of wealthy.”

– Seth Jai Parkash

Believing in this philosophy, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of JMIT was formally established in the year 2006 as a leap forward to attain this goal.  The main idea behind its inception was to create, foster and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, and assist our society and economy by making “job generators”.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell is functioning in the college with the intention of nurturing the entrepreneurial skill set of the students. The cell provides a platform for aspirants to pursue entrepreneurial activities and also provides assistance to potential entrepreneurs. With the primary goal of developing true innovators amidst engineers, it strives to assist every aspiring entrepreneur on the road to a successful Start-up. The active involvement of students and faculty in the cell promotes and revitalizes the entrepreneurial culture in the college.

The Institute is in vicinity that abounds in small-scale and medium scale industries. So it comes as no surprise that twenty-two of its alumni became full-fledged entrepreneurs.

JMIT, along with Wadhwani Foundation’s NEN has launched a certificate course named as “Learnwise”. This program encourages entrepreneurship among the scholars.


  • Give consultation/ helpful information on MSME Registration/ loan schemes/ business set up framework/ government policies and incubation facilities for fitting new ventures.
  • Produce awareness concerning social entrepreneurs.
  • Organize interactive sessions with alumni entrepreneurs.
  • Communication of helpful info shared by our partners (CII/NEN/AAJR) to our students.
  • Coaching programs on entrepreneurship development.
  • Conduct webinars from NEN.
  • Organize student visits to operational SMEs and Incubation centres.
  • Communicate the government’s initiatives and schemes (like start-up India/Skill India) to the scholars.

Mission of EDC:

  • To form a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship
  • To act as associate info centre for planning/registering and capitalise upon revolutionary business ideas
  • To make a nexus of alumni-entrepreneurs, current students, industries and policy manufacturers.
  • To provide business incubation to early-stage entrepreneurs.
  • Instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship

Long Term Goals (5 Years)

  • Motivating students to develop their own start-ups.
  • Developing business incubators.
  • Creating corpus funds to seed entrepreneurial ventures.

Short Term Goals (2 Years)

  • Providing a platform for interaction with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Imparting entrepreneurial skills to students through various exercises.
  • Arranging interactions with bodies promoting the cause of entrepreneurship.
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Hard work is necessary to achieve our goals in life. But concentration on studies alone with no recreation tends to make students unsociable. The mind works in such a way that it can achieve the impossible. However, it needs proper rest to keep it from getting overtaxed. An overburdened mind tends to lose all charm and in turn makes the personality distant, dull and rude. Often students are made to study their lessons continuously so as to get good results in examinations. But this results in additional mental pressure instead of better results. Furthermore, a relaxed mind is a rejuvenated mind, as recreation revitalizes the mind’s abilities to the fullest and lets you start studies with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm. That is why we stress upon extracurricular activities in our college. This is very important in the case of students because it is the age when their personalities are being formed. In short, extracurricular activities are as important for students as studies are. A proper combination of work with adequate play, fun and frolic will turn out in making them better people end eventual leaders of tomorrow.

Keeping this in mind, JMIT has laid emphasis on Sports, Games and Extra Curricular Activities in the campus. The institute has proper facilities for the subsequent forms of activities. Sports are a vital activity that is disbursed to encourage the sense of healthy competition amidst all spherical development of the scholars. The faculty has sensible infrastructure for sports & games. The activities embody varied outdoor and indoor games

Health Club: The gymnasium contains a specialist trainer, treadmills, Weightlifting sets, Cycles, & Dumb Bells.

Trekking Club: The club organizes regular excursions. The institute has inspired several Students for venture some activities like trekking and also helped in their academics.

Trips and Tours: The Institute arranges technical and refreshing (Site Scene) journeys on time to time basis.

Contests in various games & sports are organized annually and students get an ample chance to use all the Facilities on every day to day basis, so that they sharpen their skill set and become true leaders in every field.

The alumni association of JMIT was established in 1999. This Association has over five hundred members. Working under the able supervision of the Director, the Alumni Committee is an active body of JMIT. The annual meeting of the association is organized within the institute and a half-yearly newsletter is published. The Alumni news letter featured the following information and updates.


  • Outstanding tutorial Achievements.
  • Research Publication/Presentations.
  • Courses/Conferences/Expert Lectures.
  • Additions to Infrastructure.
  • Sports Achievements.
  • Extra information & Co-Curricular Activities.
  • Articles of general nature.


In conclusion, JMIT is not your regular Engineering College, but a hub of multiple facets of life. The goal here is not just to create engineers of tomorrow, but to lay the foundation for successful and capable people, who inspire lives wherever they go.

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The nation today has numerous needs, dependent only on technology. This need, in turn has boosted the need for engineers in the country.  From bridges, buildings and electricity to the mechanics and computers, everything has a lasting need of engineers. Can you imagine living in a society where there are no engineers? A society without engineers has no growth prospects for it. Engineers have made a major contribution in making our nation grow not just in the terms of technology, but in making ample contributions in education, agriculture and medical sectors by designing various essential equipments and structures as well.


Engineers play a key role in providing productivity to the society and satisfying the ever growing needs of technology. These are some of the benefits a person can avail by opting for engineering as a course-


Choosing a career that is enjoyable is indeed a pleasure. Spending the most part of your day at a job that you really enjoy doing is a fortune only a few of us can enjoy.  If you have made the correct choice regarding your branch of engineering, the job will never disappoint you.



Ranging from IT, Chemical, Civil, Electronics and Mechanical, engineering cannot fail to provide a variety to the mass number of students opting for a career in it. Engineering helps a student to grab knowledge in any of the desirable fields which lays down a strong track for the career to be chosen.



For the engineers, even the starting salary is satisfactory enough, and is one of the highest paying professions. The growth is also usually a steady graph, pointing in the upwards direction. It allows engineers to go ahead with all other activities without worrying about financial issues.

Financial balance. Stable equilibrium. 3D image.


Engineering offers a degree of professionalism which helps an individual to establish some amount of name, fame, autonomy in making decisions and a respectful career. Engineering offers opportunity for an individual to grow in terms of money and status during the job by exposing him to professional and technical work.



Engineering itself is a profession offering huge amount of creativity in the individuals. Over the period of time there has been a boom in the field of technology. So, there is excessive need of the professionals who help in the growth and development of the society through their creative thinking.



Engineers have a very essential role in uplifting the society through various techniques. Engineers participate in various projects such as hunting for the new energy resources, developing buildings and the environmental resources in an effective manner for more productivity.

Due to the tremendous need of technology, the engineers always stay in demand which helps them to get a respectful position in the society. Engineering is among the most prestigious professions for a reason. Calling yourself an engineer is an honor that has to be earned and cannot be gained by any other method


Engineering, JMIT Updates

Engineering has various branches. Over the course of time, various opportunities have arisen for the engineers in private as well as the public sector. Various engineering colleges have worked to provide great growth opportunities to engineering students to build in a great career in engineering. Here are the various engineering fields to make a choice from:


One of the oldest held branches of engineering which  always remains shining, Mechanical engineering is one of the most preferred course by the students due to various growth opportunities. Acquiring numerous skills, learning new things, and a good pay scale make it a lucrative option. Mechanical engineers make complex designs for various equipment and machines. Mathematics, practical knowledge, mechanical knowledge everything is needed in the field.



Revolving around the electrical field, it has electricity and electronics as major elements of study. This sector has been growing rapidly over the period of time. In this field, the engineers are required to plan, design and grow equipment related to electronics and electricity. Controlling, organizing and supervising of electrical equipments also falls under this category. The growing need of electricity has made it a booming sector.



Choosing chemical industry has become a common affair amongst the student as it is turning out to be a highly desirable field according to the market conditions. Offering handsome packages, chemical engineers are recruited across the globe. A chemical engineer has to cater to various requirements of respective plants and chemical equipment. Chemicals, production, power, manufacturing all the industries require chemical engineers.



From the construction of roads and metros to the amazing infrastructure of huge malls, everything is done by the civil engineers. Bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings etc are prepared and organized by civil engineers. Natural environment like oceans, rivers etc are also a part of civil engineering. It is less fascinating for the students as compared to electronics and IT. The jobs related to construction, supervising the finance to be used in construction, and proper allocation of the skills etc is required.



It is the most prestigious, fascinating and rewarding course, as IT is the fastest growing industry today. The branch deals with all the aspect of computer sciences such as programming, coding, software etc. Practical knowledge plays a vital role in this. Computers and programming can also help an individual to become self employed. India has a huge mass of students in computer sciences as it provides a decent job and great growth opportunities.



It is the branch of vehicle engineering combining the elements of various types of engineering such as electronics, mechanical, IT and software etc which are used for designing and functioning of various automobiles. Moderation of vehicles is also included in automobile engineering. Automobile industry is a huge industry with diverse needs which provides job opportunities for the engineering pass outs. Due to the increasing demand for automobiles, the industry has been witnessing a major hike in terms of employment.



Engineering is a field demanding individuals with great potential and knowledge in the practical field. Engineers have been a boon for the society. From education to health sectors everyone demands an engineer. For the upcoming engineers, it is necessary to make a wise choice while choosing their college. As the college determines and boosts the personality and various traits in an individual which helps in shaping them for their future in a better way. If you have scored well in the entrance examinations, there are chances that you get an opportunity to enter various colleges. Choosing the ideal college is the most challenging and an important task for a student. Here are the tips to select an ideal engineering college:


One of the most important things is taking a count of your aptitude. Engineering itself has various different streams to offer such as computers, electronics, mechanical, etc. Analyse your needs from the course and make an appropriate choice based on your interest and capabilities. Analyse the demand of a particular stream in the competitive market. The kind of personality inherited can be a crucial element in deciding which stream to chose.


You can choose your college based on your ultimate goal after studies are over. Whether you want to pursue a business or opt for a job, whether you wish to stay up in India or go abroad. These factors can play the role of a key determinant in deciding a college.


Researching the background and the whole scenario that relates to the college is a must.

  • Details about the college– Ranging from the faculty to the placement scenario, everything is important to be passed and kept an eye upon. Ranking of the college and the position of engineering in that college must be checked.
  • Location and campus area– Distance from your residence, travelling accessibility, conditions persisting in the area, various socio-cultural barriers, safety in the area etc must be kept an eye upon.
  • Background of the family– In case of a family business, engineering can just be a kind of interest not to be carried forward in future which helps in determining the college to be chosen.
  • Internet and some physical research is a must– brochures, web links leading to the college, reviews, educational sites can influence the decision. Some alumni of the engineering field and a small visit to the colleges can also serve to be an informative deed.

A branded and well known college must be given a preference as compared to a lesser known one. Choosing an already established and well reputed college is a better option. A stream that matches your power should be given a priority.

Engineering is the field which demands technicality and great amount of technological knowledge. Innovation and creativity is an essence of engineers. The most successful engineers gather more of practical knowledge and focus more on the practical applications and understanding of every field. Engineering is a highly demanded professional course at present and has much scope when we take it as a profession. I have known many engineers in my relations who are doing well in their life and have established themselves properly. Being a science student, I was interested in taking engineering as a course and later as a profession. Information Technology field had always influenced me and I wanted to take IT and computer sciences as the major field in engineering. IT has a major scope across the globe and I wanted to do something big with IT. Engineering has always been a passion and a field of interest for me. Taking one of the best engineering colleges has always been my dream for which I was preparing for the past three years. After I was done with my engineering entrance exams I was looking after the best engineering colleges in Haryana, being a resident of Haryana I wanted to stay up at my place and study. I searched for the Haryana and analyzed the list. After checking out the faculty, location, distance, transportation facility, placement records, fee structure, quality of crowd, the scope of growth and various reviews flooding over the internet. Amongst the  colleges the one which could suit my requirements and capabilities was the college Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology (JMIT). It is ranked as one of the best engineering college in haryana located at Haryana. After visiting the JMIT College I analyzed the various features. The faculty was amazing and the teachers were experienced and trained in terms of teaching quality the teachers were granting education in a selfless manner, the results were a proof that the college had an amazing faculty. The location was adorable and charming with greenery spread all across the campus area. The campus area was huge and beautifully structured and designed. The area was free from the pollutants, environmental conditions were good in the college area which made its location eye capturing and alluring. Ranked amongst the engineering colleges, the JMIT College has done a huge advancement in technology in the past few years. With the professional courses like B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA it is serving the interests of various students. JMIT was not at a far off place from my residence and was convenient to travel daily with a good connectivity with the transportation. The fee structure was affordable and worthy for a course like B.Tech. The placement record was also appreciable; a country like India has the market conditions to allow the growth of engineers. The crowd was good and studious with a number of quality students justifying its position in the engineering colleges of India.

Being a post graduate English teacher, I always feel worried about my naughty son. He is almost 18 and never took an appropriate decision on his own. Being an influencer and guider for him, I think I have pampered him to an extend that he takes everything in life for granted and when it comes to choosing a profession and an appropriate path to be adopted to reach the desirable goal, I need to set all of them for him. As far as the course was concerned, it was pre decided that it should be engineering that too in the field of soft wares’. Software development is a field with lots of scope. We had to make a wise choice and chose the keeping in view each and every essential factor. It was a matter of concern as this will be an initial step of reach the aim. Every parent wishes to send their ward to be the best and beat everyone, so was I. Waiting for the results of JEE and JEE Mains, I was a bit nervous as it was about the entire life of my ward. As, we had invested a lot on the entrance exams from the past two years and wanted him to excel and do well in the entrance exams which could help him get into a better college. I wanted him to enter the top engineering college in Haryana. He was awarded with a good rank, with the grace of god he could make way to the I was happy that my son was able to score a good position despite after much competition. Now, after waiting for the counselling rounds, I preferred to send him to the college Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute of Eng. & Technology (JMIT) which is the top engineering college in Haryana. Internet showed excellent reviews and I have knowns some of the alumni’s of JMIT who have established themselves successfully in the field of technology. I was feeling confident about the JMIT College due to its previous record of merits. Being a mischievous person, my son needs a safe and studious environment complemented by the regular lectures. Faculty including teachers who genuinely impart education to students with a motive of providing knowledge which could help the student in shaping up a bright future for them. All the quality features added with a good quality crowd makes it the . After a visit to the college, I was amazed to see the amount of greenery the campus had with a large area. With the batches running in all the professional courses, it was the right choice for a bright future being a top engineering college in Haryana, it has facilities which could compliment the studies and help the students in developing into a better personality overall.


It Was Those Days When I Was Searching For A Good Engineering College Which Would Help Me Grow Smarter And Help Me Placed In A Good MNC. I Was On A Hunt For Engineering Colleges Then I Came To Know About Jmit Through A Friend. I Searched For Engineering Colleges In Haryana. It Takes Admission through Jee Rank and Went through the Admission Process by Submitting All the Required Mark lists. I Never Thought That An best engineering college In haryana Would Be This Good. When I And My Dad Went There We Heard My Parents Talking That It Was Top Engineering College. I Am Happy For My Selection. The Weather at The Place Was Good And Also Convenient. Days Were Quick And My Joining Date Has Come. I Am Very Much Worried To Leave My Hometown And That Far.
I Am Very Nervous And Entered The Campus, All The People Including Teaching And Non-Teaching Staff Are Friendly And That Was A Warm Welcome. You Know What? I Don’t Know Some Courses That They Offer Us. For Example Computer Application, Management. Then I Realised That It Was The Top Engineering College. Hostel Looks Very Good. I Booked An Ac Room And The Hostel Has Many Facilities Like Gym, Hot Water And Also 24 Hr Power Facilities. I Never Expected That Engineering College At Haryana Were This Good At Hostel Facility. I Enjoyed My Room Very Well. I Loved That Spacious Room. Then After Setting Of My Things I Went To Class Room, Professors Are Not At All Selfish I Mean It, They Wants Our Overall Development Including Our Studies. They Told Us The Importance Of NCc And Other Extra Curricular Activities. I Wondered How Much I Used To Be Active In Extra Curricular Activities In My School Days And I Feel Like I Want To Participate In Any Event. I Wish To Join Jmit Basket Ball Team.
I Am Very Excited To Know More And More About This College. I Made Few Friends And We Went To See Campus. Library Was The Best Place Of Attraction In The College. It Has Huge Number Of Book Collection. It Looked Peaceful And Amazing. It Is The Top Engineering College And The Evidence Of It Was Displayed At Those Huge Notice Boards. And Then I Went On Reading The Qualification And Achievements Of Professors Working There And I Found Interesting That Most Of The Staff Are Experienced And Also Done Their PhD. I Wonder How This Engineering College In Haryana Made Difference In My Life. I Am Very Happy By Knowing About This College. I Felt It Was Worth Coming Here This Long For My Engineering. That Was A Place Of All Jee Rankers And No Other People We Can Get A Good Knowledge By Learning From Them. I Was In A Shock At Those Starting Days And Still Heartfully Say That This Was The Top Engineering College.
Placement Records Were There At Special Notice Board And I Took Almost 10 Minuties To Go Through It. The Record Was Huge. I Was Left Spell Bound And Then Imazined If My Name Was Too In The List. I Hope I Can Achieve That With This College.I Parents Realised That Engineering Colleges In Haryana Were Also Good Among Others.

Board examination is knocking at your door but you still have not found the right college that can take you to a step further achieving your dream of becoming an engineer? Or amidst the renowned engineering colleges in Haryana, deciding the best one is a crucial task to execute? Now, there’s no need to pull your hair because your queries regarding the top engineering college end here.

You may find yourself drowning in a sea of colleges as you are not sure which college can fulfil your dream of academics and provide you with an opportunity of earning a strong livelihood. With the sole purpose of helping you out in this muddy situation, Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology (JMIT) could be the best thing that ever happened to you. But, why?

Unique Infrastructure

JMIT, being one of the prolific engineering colleges in Haryana believes in your innovation and even brings out your creative self. With positive morale, the college contributes to an environment with its rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant and solar power plant projects. Apart from the substantial contribution to society, this top engineering college is well-equipped with advanced computer labs, language labs, digitised classes and auditoriums.

Wide Range of Courses

Unlike most of the best engineering college in Haryana, JMIT offers you a pool of course inclusive of almost every the technical course available in India. From undergraduate courses on chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, business administration, computer science and engineering, information technology to postgraduate courses on computer application, business administration and electric & communications engineering, JMIT has got it all for you. Moreover, this top engineering college has an affordable tuition fee structure so that you do not have to face the burden of student loan.

Active Student Life

Enhancing each student’s individuality, JMIT, the top engineering college of North India, encourages everyone to take part in various cultural activities, hiking and trekking, photo exhibitions, industrial excursions and technical exhibitions. Periodically, blood donation programs, social awareness events and trips are arranged to remote areas of the nation to help you out every less fortunate person living out there. The student insurance takes care of every student’s needs providing Rs. 3 lacs per annum which are barely provided by any of the engineering colleges in Haryana.

Unbelievable Placement Opportunity

JMIT aims to deliver quality education along with 100% guarantee of placement to top-notch multinational companies like JustDial Ltd., TCS, Johnson Controls, Mindtree and others. The students are allotted a practice session, mock interviews, pre-placement talk and personal development classes so that they are able to excel at the interview round. Informing students with aspects of corporate culture along with improving technical skills is what JMIT rigorously pays heed to.

Keeping in mind the state of mind of the students after the results out, the convenient admission procedure is another feather on the cap of JMIT. With ragging-free zone to friendly faculty make JMIT one of the best colleges in India. Moreover, looking after every student’s demand and needs, the college delivers eminent scholars and efficient leaders that make the world a better place to live in.


We have talked about education and the way it broadens a person’s horizons innumerous times. Providing quality education should be the main focal point of any developing country; and for this purpose, several best engineering colleges have been set up in the country. Since the government can hardly afford to set up so many colleges, in accordance to the number of youngsters that has been on the rise since forever, it is highly necessary to establish colleges by the private sector as well, as seen in the setting up of engineering colleges in Haryana.
The number of Universities has increased 34 times from 20 in 1950 to 677 in 2014. More specifically if we talk about technical institutions, their number has gone up from 1,511 colleges in 2006-07 to an astoundingly high 3,345 in 2014-15. India now ranks second after China in terms of enrolment of students. The government has set a target to achieve a Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 30% by 2020. But, the question arises, that is it sufficient to increase the number only? For an engineering college to be a best engineering college in haryana, it must have proper and reliable faculty, research laboratories, and infrastructure. Many such amazing private engineering colleges have been set up in Haryana, which have been proven to be a milestone in the field of professional education.
Support of corporate houses creates a new vision for Industry academia partnership, which is linked with various advantages in terms of getting industry ready engineers. Engineering colleges in Haryana have worked to the very same, to build up a healthy rapport between the government and the private run educational institutes. Best engineering colleges are the one that focus on making a student suitable for the job and career sector. For every student who joins an engineering college, who hopes his college to be the best engineering college, it is necessary for all the colleges that are being set up to provide overall development of all the facilities that they offer.
The Engineering colleges in Haryana have been a breakthrough for the development of the state because they have made it possible for the students to attend some of the best engineering colleges without going too far away from their homes; this fact, added with the argument that education is also a wing of the tertiary sector, makes it essential for the private sector to diversify into education; the government too, needs to liberalize its rules and regulations when it comes to setting up colleges, so that it is easier for academicians to set up their colleges and provide quality education to the masses.