Month: September 2018

Engineering, Inspirational, JMIT Updates

“Rain water accumulated on the roof top without an outlet shall bring down the roof. Likewise, wealth without charity will ruin the household of wealthy.”

– Seth Jai Parkash

Believing in this philosophy, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of JMIT was formally established in the year 2006 as a leap forward to attain this goal.  The main idea behind its inception was to create, foster and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, and assist our society and economy by making “job generators”.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell is functioning in the college with the intention of nurturing the entrepreneurial skill set of the students. The cell provides a platform for aspirants to pursue entrepreneurial activities and also provides assistance to potential entrepreneurs. With the primary goal of developing true innovators amidst engineers, it strives to assist every aspiring entrepreneur on the road to a successful Start-up. The active involvement of students and faculty in the cell promotes and revitalizes the entrepreneurial culture in the college.

The Institute is in vicinity that abounds in small-scale and medium scale industries. So it comes as no surprise that twenty-two of its alumni became full-fledged entrepreneurs.

JMIT, along with Wadhwani Foundation’s NEN has launched a certificate course named as “Learnwise”. This program encourages entrepreneurship among the scholars.


  • Give consultation/ helpful information on MSME Registration/ loan schemes/ business set up framework/ government policies and incubation facilities for fitting new ventures.
  • Produce awareness concerning social entrepreneurs.
  • Organize interactive sessions with alumni entrepreneurs.
  • Communication of helpful info shared by our partners (CII/NEN/AAJR) to our students.
  • Coaching programs on entrepreneurship development.
  • Conduct webinars from NEN.
  • Organize student visits to operational SMEs and Incubation centres.
  • Communicate the government’s initiatives and schemes (like start-up India/Skill India) to the scholars.

Mission of EDC:

  • To form a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship
  • To act as associate info centre for planning/registering and capitalise upon revolutionary business ideas
  • To make a nexus of alumni-entrepreneurs, current students, industries and policy manufacturers.
  • To provide business incubation to early-stage entrepreneurs.
  • Instill the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship

Long Term Goals (5 Years)

  • Motivating students to develop their own start-ups.
  • Developing business incubators.
  • Creating corpus funds to seed entrepreneurial ventures.

Short Term Goals (2 Years)

  • Providing a platform for interaction with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Imparting entrepreneurial skills to students through various exercises.
  • Arranging interactions with bodies promoting the cause of entrepreneurship.