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Hard work is necessary to achieve our goals in life. But concentration on studies alone with no recreation tends to make students unsociable. The mind works in such a way that it can achieve the impossible. However, it needs proper rest to keep it from getting overtaxed. An overburdened mind tends to lose all charm and in turn makes the personality distant, dull and rude. Often students are made to study their lessons continuously so as to get good results in examinations. But this results in additional mental pressure instead of better results. Furthermore, a relaxed mind is a rejuvenated mind, as recreation revitalizes the mind’s abilities to the fullest and lets you start studies with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm. That is why we stress upon extracurricular activities in our college. This is very important in the case of students because it is the age when their personalities are being formed. In short, extracurricular activities are as important for students as studies are. A proper combination of work with adequate play, fun and frolic will turn out in making them better people end eventual leaders of tomorrow.

Keeping this in mind, JMIT has laid emphasis on Sports, Games and Extra Curricular Activities in the campus. The institute has proper facilities for the subsequent forms of activities. Sports are a vital activity that is disbursed to encourage the sense of healthy competition amidst all spherical development of the scholars. The faculty has sensible infrastructure for sports & games. The activities embody varied outdoor and indoor games

Health Club: The gymnasium contains a specialist trainer, treadmills, Weightlifting sets, Cycles, & Dumb Bells.

Trekking Club: The club organizes regular excursions. The institute has inspired several Students for venture some activities like trekking and also helped in their academics.

Trips and Tours: The Institute arranges technical and refreshing (Site Scene) journeys on time to time basis.

Contests in various games & sports are organized annually and students get an ample chance to use all the Facilities on every day to day basis, so that they sharpen their skill set and become true leaders in every field.

The alumni association of JMIT was established in 1999. This Association has over five hundred members. Working under the able supervision of the Director, the Alumni Committee is an active body of JMIT. The annual meeting of the association is organized within the institute and a half-yearly newsletter is published. The Alumni news letter featured the following information and updates.


  • Outstanding tutorial Achievements.
  • Research Publication/Presentations.
  • Courses/Conferences/Expert Lectures.
  • Additions to Infrastructure.
  • Sports Achievements.
  • Extra information & Co-Curricular Activities.
  • Articles of general nature.


In conclusion, JMIT is not your regular Engineering College, but a hub of multiple facets of life. The goal here is not just to create engineers of tomorrow, but to lay the foundation for successful and capable people, who inspire lives wherever they go.

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The nation today has numerous needs, dependent only on technology. This need, in turn has boosted the need for engineers in the country.  From bridges, buildings and electricity to the mechanics and computers, everything has a lasting need of engineers. Can you imagine living in a society where there are no engineers? A society without engineers has no growth prospects for it. Engineers have made a major contribution in making our nation grow not just in the terms of technology, but in making ample contributions in education, agriculture and medical sectors by designing various essential equipments and structures as well.


Engineers play a key role in providing productivity to the society and satisfying the ever growing needs of technology. These are some of the benefits a person can avail by opting for engineering as a course-


Choosing a career that is enjoyable is indeed a pleasure. Spending the most part of your day at a job that you really enjoy doing is a fortune only a few of us can enjoy.  If you have made the correct choice regarding your branch of engineering, the job will never disappoint you.



Ranging from IT, Chemical, Civil, Electronics and Mechanical, engineering cannot fail to provide a variety to the mass number of students opting for a career in it. Engineering helps a student to grab knowledge in any of the desirable fields which lays down a strong track for the career to be chosen.



For the engineers, even the starting salary is satisfactory enough, and is one of the highest paying professions. The growth is also usually a steady graph, pointing in the upwards direction. It allows engineers to go ahead with all other activities without worrying about financial issues.

Financial balance. Stable equilibrium. 3D image.


Engineering offers a degree of professionalism which helps an individual to establish some amount of name, fame, autonomy in making decisions and a respectful career. Engineering offers opportunity for an individual to grow in terms of money and status during the job by exposing him to professional and technical work.



Engineering itself is a profession offering huge amount of creativity in the individuals. Over the period of time there has been a boom in the field of technology. So, there is excessive need of the professionals who help in the growth and development of the society through their creative thinking.



Engineers have a very essential role in uplifting the society through various techniques. Engineers participate in various projects such as hunting for the new energy resources, developing buildings and the environmental resources in an effective manner for more productivity.

Due to the tremendous need of technology, the engineers always stay in demand which helps them to get a respectful position in the society. Engineering is among the most prestigious professions for a reason. Calling yourself an engineer is an honor that has to be earned and cannot be gained by any other method