Month: July 2016


Even in the scorching heat in summer, the green campus of JMIT appears like an oasis. Whenever I come little early to college, I never miss an opportunity to take a walk around campus viewing Ficus, Croton, Jacaranda and tall bottle palm & Cycus palm trees. Such a treat to mind, body & soul! It reminds me of good old days, when our teachers used to sometimes conduct classes in the open. Every semester I have this dilemma whether to take my class outside or not because being outside also means being distracted, both by nature and passers-by. It really pains to say straight NO to the students requesting for a class outside. But if you think of breaking a monotony of classroom teaching, interacting with nature, understanding our connectivity with cosmos and engaging the students in active learning then there could be no better idea than this.

Recently I was reading an article in “THE WEEK”, where Professor John Varghese, Principal of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi mentioned that sometimes their teachers hold classes in different ambience like in Qutub Minar or Industrial setting which gives different exposure to learners. One of the professors of Vanderbilt University says, “Instead of letting the outdoor be distraction, perhaps our true distraction is our own notions of what a classroom can or should be. If we redefine our notions of classroom, we can find new pedagogical tools to meet students where they are at.” Classroom outdoors is an experiential learning which broadens the horizons of self, others and nature. It aims at improving survival skills, problem solving skills, reduce recidivism, encourage team building and develop respect for nature. I remember my first meeting of creation club at multi- purpose hall, the second one in café and third one in amphitheatre of the campus. In the last two meetings the students were more chirpier, the ideas were flowing free, their energy level was high and their body language showed the swings in their moods. Perhaps it was the ambience or their comfort zone, which they naturally identify with or the openness of the place which opened their faculties of mind.

Where most of the educational institutions stick to the syllabus, prescribed by the university, the elite colleges offer unconventional approach towards teaching methods. At Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi most of the lectures are not based on books. The professors discuss the business strategies of large companies and how they are designed and implemented. SRCC has an entrepreneurial innovation cell and the college takes up many projects in order to boost entrepreneurship among students. “In one of the projects, the students helped puppeteers to showcase their puppet show at corporate events”, said the principal, Dr. R.P.Rustagi. “This initiative got the puppeteers more exposure and handsome money.” The aim of going beyond classrooms and books is to raise the critical thinking skills, decision making skills and problem solving skills of the students so that they can think, interpret, analyze and evaluate any situation.



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Today, we all are scurrying for success. No matter how old you become, where you’re from or what you do for a living, we all share something in common in our life— yes! You are right it is a sheer desire to be successful. The definition of success varies from individuals to individuals. Some says that success is just a state of mind. For some people success means earning lavishly and sustaining a wealthy life whereas some define success to live a healthy life. However, success actually means to put your life in a blissful state where you do not get trap into the vicious circle of earning wealth, fame and power.

People want success so that they can live a comfortable life—a life where there is no financial problem, where you can drive a luxurious car, and live in a bungalow. However, these materialistic things can be easily achieved but one should never compare achieving the luxurious things, earning well with success.  It’s not that typical but the definition of success is much different than this. Success is when you start following your passion. When you stop following the footsteps of others. Success is when you try to explore and do something new, totally different from others. It is only possible when you’ll start following & working as what is demanded by your soul.


The modern age is a world of well-equipped, versatile minds, and talented graduates. As the trend continues, soon after completing the journey of the school life, most of the students prefer taking admission in the professional courses such as Engineering to be successful in life. Looking at the competition, fewer seats remain available to pursue engineering so it becomes extremely difficult to pursue engineering as not all of the students get the good colleges. As a result, majority of the students are left with different other options.

Before seeking admissions to the good colleges, it is the tendency of the students to seek the annual rating of the colleges. As per 2015, the survey has shown the hike in the Engineering College in Haryana. Undoubtedly, there are lots of best engineering colleges in Haryana having the good fame, good college infrastructure & also providing quality engineering education. As per the record of engineering colleges in Haryana, JMIT holds ranks at the top. It has proficiency in delivering the quality engineering education to the students with the advanced technologies. The college is known for inviting more than 50 companies every year for the campus placement and every year more than 300 students get placement in top companies thus making the college as one of the best engineering college in Haryana.

Not only this, best engineering colleges in Haryana 2015 has come up with ratings of the colleges and JMIT happens to be one of the colleges with A+ rating. Each year, majority of the engineering students are placed in the top companies and as a consequence, thousands of students throughout India seek admission in the Engineering College in Haryana.

It is very well known that engineering programme requires professionals with very acute skills. However, each and every area of this sector is as complex as the next. Consequently, all those who are pursuing engineering ought to have robust mathematical skills so as to rise in the future. Looking at the list of engineering college in Haryana and the number of students coming out of the colleges as engineers, the questions that form in everyone’s minds are, “Does we really need so many engineers?” Yes! You heard it right and the answer is a big; “Yes.” There are endless lucrative job opportunities for those who carry the potential, strong desire to ascent in the future.

JMIT Updates

We are glad to inform all the students and staff members that Mr.Vickey Nandal, Roll No. 1209412, student of Mechanical Engg. 2013 passout batch , resident of Panipat has been selected for PM Scholarship for Ph.D. course from IIT Delhi.  A scholarship of Rs. 25000/- per month will be awarded to him by the Government.

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Today’s world is a corporate world where lies endless opportunities in corporate sector for young generation. Want to get a high qualified degree for your B.Tech?

Come let’s go for a ride to check out the Top Engineering Colleges in Haryana whose history of placements and quality of education will blow you up.

The Institute was established by the Ved Prakash Mukand Lal Educational Society (Regd.) in the year 1995.  JMIT stand up for its excellence, providing quality technical and management education, research and training.  JMIT Radaur is the most prestigious among the 22 institutions of knowledge & learning.  Many hundreds of placements are secured by the Institute making it a no.1 Institute ranking between the best Engineering College in Haryana. It is a autonomous institute which is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and is in its sixteen years of operation. Various workshops and competitions are held within the campus to develop the students’ capability in various fields. The Institute believes in preparing the students well in advance concurrent to their education and training to avail these opportunities. It promotes the inter disciplinary higher education for bachelors along with masters. To achieve it time to time JMIT invites the achievers in the respective field to give exposure to their students so that they can confidently face the challenging corporate world.  Their vision lies in “Excellence Through creativity and innovation” and to produce advanced Engineers, Managers and Technologies with Training of Head, Heart and Hands Employable anywhere in the world”

Not only this, JMIT fulfills all of their social responsibilities like took an initiative for the blood donation movement in the year 1972 .The movement caught the attention of the teachers and youth in a big way and today the students have made it a habit to frequently donate blood for the people who are in need of it. More than a noble and humanitarian deed, it has become a religion for them. The students took a pledge, to not let to die any people due to unavailability of blood in their locality. It is estimated that all the Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institutions all over Northern India have donated over 38,861 units of blood 2015.

Likewise, various other programmers like going paperless, free help, charities etc are successfully run by the Institute. So, all what we can say is studying in JMIT really gives a wholesome experience to the students.