It Was Those Days When I Was Searching For A Good Engineering College Which Would Help Me Grow Smarter And Help Me Placed In A Good MNC. I Was On A Hunt For Engineering Colleges Then I Came To Know About Jmit Through A Friend. I Searched For Engineering Colleges In Haryana. It Takes Admission through Jee Rank and Went through the Admission Process by Submitting All the Required Mark lists. I Never Thought That An best engineering college In haryana Would Be This Good. When I And My Dad Went There We Heard My Parents Talking That It Was Top Engineering College. I Am Happy For My Selection. The Weather at The Place Was Good And Also Convenient. Days Were Quick And My Joining Date Has Come. I Am Very Much Worried To Leave My Hometown And That Far.
I Am Very Nervous And Entered The Campus, All The People Including Teaching And Non-Teaching Staff Are Friendly And That Was A Warm Welcome. You Know What? I Don’t Know Some Courses That They Offer Us. For Example Computer Application, Management. Then I Realised That It Was The Top Engineering College. Hostel Looks Very Good. I Booked An Ac Room And The Hostel Has Many Facilities Like Gym, Hot Water And Also 24 Hr Power Facilities. I Never Expected That Engineering College At Haryana Were This Good At Hostel Facility. I Enjoyed My Room Very Well. I Loved That Spacious Room. Then After Setting Of My Things I Went To Class Room, Professors Are Not At All Selfish I Mean It, They Wants Our Overall Development Including Our Studies. They Told Us The Importance Of NCc And Other Extra Curricular Activities. I Wondered How Much I Used To Be Active In Extra Curricular Activities In My School Days And I Feel Like I Want To Participate In Any Event. I Wish To Join Jmit Basket Ball Team.
I Am Very Excited To Know More And More About This College. I Made Few Friends And We Went To See Campus. Library Was The Best Place Of Attraction In The College. It Has Huge Number Of Book Collection. It Looked Peaceful And Amazing. It Is The Top Engineering College And The Evidence Of It Was Displayed At Those Huge Notice Boards. And Then I Went On Reading The Qualification And Achievements Of Professors Working There And I Found Interesting That Most Of The Staff Are Experienced And Also Done Their PhD. I Wonder How This Engineering College In Haryana Made Difference In My Life. I Am Very Happy By Knowing About This College. I Felt It Was Worth Coming Here This Long For My Engineering. That Was A Place Of All Jee Rankers And No Other People We Can Get A Good Knowledge By Learning From Them. I Was In A Shock At Those Starting Days And Still Heartfully Say That This Was The Top Engineering College.
Placement Records Were There At Special Notice Board And I Took Almost 10 Minuties To Go Through It. The Record Was Huge. I Was Left Spell Bound And Then Imazined If My Name Was Too In The List. I Hope I Can Achieve That With This College.I Parents Realised That Engineering Colleges In Haryana Were Also Good Among Others.

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Board examination is knocking at your door but you still have not found the right college that can take you to a step further achieving your dream of becoming an engineer? Or amidst the renowned engineering colleges in Haryana, deciding the best one is a crucial task to execute? Now, there’s no need to pull your hair because your queries regarding the top engineering college end here.

You may find yourself drowning in a sea of colleges as you are not sure which college can fulfil your dream of academics and provide you with an opportunity of earning a strong livelihood. With the sole purpose of helping you out in this muddy situation, Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology (JMIT) could be the best thing that ever happened to you. But, why?

Unique Infrastructure

JMIT, being one of the prolific engineering colleges in Haryana believes in your innovation and even brings out your creative self. With positive morale, the college contributes to an environment with its rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant and solar power plant projects. Apart from the substantial contribution to society, this top engineering college is well-equipped with advanced computer labs, language labs, digitised classes and auditoriums.

Wide Range of Courses

Unlike most of the best engineering college in Haryana, JMIT offers you a pool of course inclusive of almost every the technical course available in India. From undergraduate courses on chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, business administration, computer science and engineering, information technology to postgraduate courses on computer application, business administration and electric & communications engineering, JMIT has got it all for you. Moreover, this top engineering college has an affordable tuition fee structure so that you do not have to face the burden of student loan.

Active Student Life

Enhancing each student’s individuality, JMIT, the top engineering college of North India, encourages everyone to take part in various cultural activities, hiking and trekking, photo exhibitions, industrial excursions and technical exhibitions. Periodically, blood donation programs, social awareness events and trips are arranged to remote areas of the nation to help you out every less fortunate person living out there. The student insurance takes care of every student’s needs providing Rs. 3 lacs per annum which are barely provided by any of the engineering colleges in Haryana.

Unbelievable Placement Opportunity

JMIT aims to deliver quality education along with 100% guarantee of placement to top-notch multinational companies like JustDial Ltd., TCS, Johnson Controls, Mindtree and others. The students are allotted a practice session, mock interviews, pre-placement talk and personal development classes so that they are able to excel at the interview round. Informing students with aspects of corporate culture along with improving technical skills is what JMIT rigorously pays heed to.

Keeping in mind the state of mind of the students after the results out, the convenient admission procedure is another feather on the cap of JMIT. With ragging-free zone to friendly faculty make JMIT one of the best colleges in India. Moreover, looking after every student’s demand and needs, the college delivers eminent scholars and efficient leaders that make the world a better place to live in.

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We have talked about education and the way it broadens a person’s horizons innumerous times. Providing quality education should be the main focal point of any developing country; and for this purpose, several best engineering colleges have been set up in the country. Since the government can hardly afford to set up so many colleges, in accordance to the number of youngsters that has been on the rise since forever, it is highly necessary to establish colleges by the private sector as well, as seen in the setting up of engineering colleges in Haryana.
The number of Universities has increased 34 times from 20 in 1950 to 677 in 2014. More specifically if we talk about technical institutions, their number has gone up from 1,511 colleges in 2006-07 to an astoundingly high 3,345 in 2014-15. India now ranks second after China in terms of enrolment of students. The government has set a target to achieve a Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 30% by 2020. But, the question arises, that is it sufficient to increase the number only? For an engineering college to be a best engineering college in haryana, it must have proper and reliable faculty, research laboratories, and infrastructure. Many such amazing private engineering colleges have been set up in Haryana, which have been proven to be a milestone in the field of professional education.
Support of corporate houses creates a new vision for Industry academia partnership, which is linked with various advantages in terms of getting industry ready engineers. Engineering colleges in Haryana have worked to the very same, to build up a healthy rapport between the government and the private run educational institutes. Best engineering colleges are the one that focus on making a student suitable for the job and career sector. For every student who joins an engineering college, who hopes his college to be the best engineering college, it is necessary for all the colleges that are being set up to provide overall development of all the facilities that they offer.
The Engineering colleges in Haryana have been a breakthrough for the development of the state because they have made it possible for the students to attend some of the best engineering colleges without going too far away from their homes; this fact, added with the argument that education is also a wing of the tertiary sector, makes it essential for the private sector to diversify into education; the government too, needs to liberalize its rules and regulations when it comes to setting up colleges, so that it is easier for academicians to set up their colleges and provide quality education to the masses.

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A career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life. So at different points in your career you will be defined differently. This definition is what a human being strives to improve so that he is defined more uniquely i.e. lesser and lesser people like you as you move up in your career, recognized more effectively lesser the number of people like you, the more you are recognizable and respected more. Apart from earning good money and providing for your family and other things, I believe that a career is something that will define you and this definition of you is something which makes career an important part of one’s life. I opted to be an engineer and I myself have done software engineering from the best engineering colleges and as a student of engineering I know how important it is for a student to select and pursue their choice of engineering.
There are many top colleges in India and hence a numerous number of options are available for a student to choose from.. Well, speaking about selecting the best B. Tech course for your career from the list of engineering colleges in Haryana, it is something that only you can decide depending on where your interest lies. Gone are the days when we used to spend sleepless nights, thinking of what course to join for making our future great. Seeing the present, analyzing the past and looking into what future holds the answer to all our worries is an engineering degree from best engineering colleges. An engineering degree enables students from the best engineering colleges help to crack civil services examinations including Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services and Indian Revenue Services. By their skills they provide efficient technical and administrative services to the center as well as state government. Students looking to grab a seat in one of the top b tech or the best engineering colleges need to take into consideration many factors of the institute which includes well equipped labs, air conditioned classrooms and world class faculties who can impart quality education.. If you are looking from the list of engineering college in Haryana, it should include an institute of repute, as well as should be one of the most well established universities and should hold a promising carrier for its students to secure a bright and great future. There are many best engineering colleges that has been imparting quality education since years & runs engineering courses in various disciplines which are based on industry fusion and project based learning. So if you are planning to make an everlasting social impact as an engineer, then the University with all its merits helps students in achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

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Students work hard in order to achieve their goals to become proficient in their work. And after doing school in science subject most of them dreamt to become an engineer. The field they are choosing is the field of innovations and inventions. There are many engineers pass out every year from colleges but the employment rate is still very less. It shows that if you did engineering not seriously or not from one of the best colleges for engineering then your chances for employment is very less. After passing engineering you will have the degree but not the job or the potential to become a successful engineer in your branch. To become a worthy engineer and to get a job you need to take admission in one of the best colleges for engineering. The one I am talking about is JMIT.JMIT will lead you on your path of success as a guide. JMIT is one of the best engineering colleges in Haryana. JMIT is a pronounced college have its indelible impression on the society and the students pass out from it. JMIT is one of the engineering college in Haryana provides you all the facilities and unmatchable professors having vast knowledge and experience in teaching. These facilities and guidance will mould you into the shape of an innovative engineer and make you worthy enough that you will get a job before completing engineering which will give you career a boost.
If you are living in Haryana then it’s your advantage that you can take admission in one of the best colleges for engineering in Haryana itself. JMIT comes under one of the best colleges for engineering and an engineering college in Haryana. JMIT has a rich heritage. It comes under the chain of 22 engineering colleges among which it is the most prestigious engineering college, running by “The Ved Prakash Mukand Lal Educational Society”. The society was founded by a freedom fighter and philanthropist, Seth Mukand Lal.
JMIT’s moto is to support you in being the change you want to be. Thus they are flourishing you with your dreams and your will power to choose the right decisions in your life and make yourself independent for rest of your life. JMIT is also recognised as one of the most promising engineering colleges in Haryana. Seth Mukand Lal was a close adherent to Gandhi ji. Gandhi ji had fondly nick named his “Pagle Bhagat”.
As one of the engineering college in Haryana and considering as one of the best colleges for engineeringyou will find all the facilities and promising teachers which are available for you at every stage of your engineering, for the guidance and for the training which help you to find the best of you. JMIT is the engineering college you need to get the success. Now, go and check out JMIT by yourself.

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Choosing a career can be the most difficult decision in one’s life as choosing a career helps to set professional goals and develop a strategy for getting where you want to be. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the field where you want to build up your future. After completion of studies I too was very baffled about my career as there are a numerous options to choose from. After doing a lot of research and with the support of my family I finally decided to pursue engineering from the best colleges for engineering since Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the best colleges for engineering is one of the most well known and sought after courses in India. Many students opt to be an engineer in India and each year the students doing engineering have been increasing exponentially and so is the number of engineering colleges in Haryana.
Making a decision about the correct college to choose from many options that are available is difficult. But no doubt that engineering colleges in Haryana are the best college for engineering. The colleges have sufficient amount of infrastructure according to its intake capacity. Also the engineering colleges in Haryana provide the best faculty and the facilities too. I myself have done engineering from engineering college of Haryana which is among the best colleges for engineering. Engineering offers a variety of options from electrical and computer engineering to environmental and biomedical engineering. You can choose anyone of them. Well, speaking about selecting the best B. Tech course for your career from engineering colleges in Haryana, it is something that only you can decide depending on where your interest lies. Gone are the days when we used to spend sleepless nights, thinking of what course to join for making our future great. Seeing the present, analyzing the past and looking into what future holds the answer to all our worries is an engineering degree from best colleges for engineering. Since I had a great interest in the information technology sector so I opted for computer engineering. An engineering degree from engineering colleges in Haryana offers a wide range of career possibilities. If you pursue your engineering from best colleges for engineering then you will surely get placed as they offer the best placements. They provide the best placement opportunities to the students . The on campus placement of engineering college in Haryana is commendable.

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From over expectant parents who aim for their kids to go to the best engineering colleges to the lower middle class families, who can only dream of private colleges; Engineering as a career option is discussed in almost all Indian households. The reason behind this clear favouritism towards engineering is debatable. Some say it’s due to the fact that it’s a professional course and somehow ensures employment. This however is not the entire truth. The reality is that graduates even from the top engineering college in haryana can remain unemployed, if their chosen stream is not their true calling. The choice of stream, as seen even in the best engineering colleges, which select not anyone, but the creamiest layer of future engineers, has always been based on placement figures. The branch with the maximum number of placements seen in the previous year becomes the most sought after the following year. This is a vicious cycle which keeps repeating itself every year as if it were right. However, it’s not. The correct procedure would be to allow each student a way to visualise and experience what each branch will be like to pursue and then correlate it with their aptitude and interests.
This, sadly, hardly happens in India. Here, a career is determined not by the job satisfaction or aptitude of the professional, but how safeguarded his job is. Success is measured, not by how happy a person is in his life, but how much money he has in his bank account.
A rising, debatable issue is whether or not India needs so many engineers every year; with unemployment and underemployment reaching new levels in the country, it’s pretty much obvious to see such issues being raised. The answer is, yes, the job sector and industries do need fresh graduates, not only from the top engineering colleges, but the budding ones; which admit not only the students with star studded mark sheets, but anyone who has an aptitude towards engineering.
A person’s ability can never be judged by his marks or rank in the entrance exams, but the application skills required to pursue a course as demanding as engineering. This fact makes the whole concept of having best engineering colleges in haryana and the so called donation colleges, which are supposedly not up to the mark, null and void. However, nobody accepts this fact. Every year, multinational corporations are seen running behind the top engineering institutes with the belief these are the places where they will behind zealous prospective employees. But IITs and NITs are also the places where dreams of doing something different and out of the box are shattered beneath the weight of projects, scraps of paper, poetry written on them, are found crumbled between the width of assignments and notes.
The point is not whether a student is pursuing his course from the best college or not, but whether he wants to pursue that course at all.

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Today, Career is the most important part of life. Without a growing career, our life is useless. From the childhood, we and our parents start thinking about the career. When we think about our career, many options display in our mind. Lots of suggestions come from the people and relatives. But to find a good career option, it’s not easy. For a good career schooling & college, both play an important role. A good college gives you a good high-up in future. If you are going to choose your career in engineering then, this article is very much beneficial for you. Engineering is the most well-known & Repeated degree among the other courses in India. It’s a course that pursues after completing the 12th. To do engineering, it’s not a big deal but to do engineering from a Best Engineering college, it’s a golden part of your life. That’s why every student who applies for, for them the selection of the college has a great importance. To find a Desire college, it’s a tuff task. Because there is the vast competition in engineering today, even in every discipline of engineering also. There are the many best engineering college in Haryana that is catering the skilled education in various streams of engineering with a knowledge-full project for the student. But you should try to find best engineering college.
Here we are going to talk about JMJT Engineering College. Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute, it is the top engineering college in Haryana located in Kurukshetra, established in 1995. It’s a private college but serves the best services to their student. Form classroom to study or placement, it deals with the best. A student can take admission here for B. tech and M tech. Degree both. Besides, that here from you can do the MCA and the MBA courses also. Around 3000 students are doing a study on the campus of the college. This is the most famous college among the all engineering college of Haryana. For the placement, this college is linked with many renowned companies and gives the 100 % placement record. Amazon India, Libsys ltd, Gurgaon, Tata consultancy, vivo India, just dial limited, Hewlett Packard Enter prized Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, Code Brew Labs, and Chandigarh etc. are the placement company, who comes in the campus for placement. It serves the best quality education and professional skills to the students. For the student educated faculty, best labs, seminars, technical equipment for projects are available here.
A best engineering College doesn’t mean to have a big campus and do cultural activities every week, there should be good facilities, a good environment for study and particle or theoretical knowledge both, for the development of a student where they can do the best preparation for their future and JMIT is in one of them. So if you are going to take admission in the best engineering college of Haryana, try for the JMIT, kurushtr. Because a college plays great role to make a good career.

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Engineering is a field of innovation, making something new for our society which can help in any forms and become an essential part of life. To become an engineer one should be passionate about it, if you are not then it is not for you; with passion a student need proper guidance from the college and motivation that he can give our society something useful. Thus you need an engineering college which is filled with all the resources you need and can guide you like a torch in dark. The engineering college you are looking for is JMIT. You will find JMIT under the list of engineering colleges in Haryana. JMIT will provide the treasure of knowledge from the most experienced and talented teachers and have all the resources you need to complete your engineering and make you capable enough that you can get placed in a reputed company which give your career a boost.
It’s a benefit for the Haryanvi students that they have the treasure of knowledge in their state. JMIT comes under one of the top engineering colleges in the list of engineering colleges in Haryana. JMIT has a rich heritage. It is the most prestigious engineering college of the chain of 22 engineering colleges running by “The Ved Prakash Mukand Lal Educational Society”. The society was founded by Seth Mukand Lal who was a freedom fighter and philanthropist of great repute. The mission is “To Produce World Class Engineers, Managers and Technologies with Training of Head, Heart and Hands Employable anywhere in the world”.
JMIT provides you all the facilities and support to “Be the change” you want to be. This type of thinking of chairman made the JMIT to be recognise as an emerging engineering college in Haryana. Among the list of engineering colleges in Haryana JMIT makes its identity as a promising college. Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Knowledge and Service is a chain of twenty two institutions spread over Haryana, U.P and Punjab and owe their existence to the munificent and philanthropic spirit of Seth Mukand Lal, a close adherent of Gandhi ji. Gandhi ji had fondly nick – named him “Pagle Bhagat”.
As an engineering college you will find all the things you need but which thing makes it best is the effort of teachers and trainers on the student to fulfil the mission and to shape their future. And all of this can happen not only because of the teachers but the passion of student to become the best. JMIT is a promising engineering college you can trust completely. Thus check out it in the list of engineering colleges in Haryana.

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Engineers are ubiquitous nowadays. Engineering career is a clichéd career choice yet a powerful one. Students who are inclined towards technology and want to study further can always for this career. A fact cannot be denied that Bachelors of Engineering is the most sought-after degree in our country. Movie such as ‘3 Idiots’ have inspired many young students to take engineering as their career.
With thousands of engineers graduating every year, the number of engineers is surpassing day-by-day. In India itself the number of engineers is increasing at a sky-rocket speed. However one must understand that the quality of education matters a lot. Thus it is very crucial to get admission in the top engineering college.
Remember there are thousands of students eyeing on top engineering college. Only a handful of these students make it to the list. Such colleges are IITs, NITs and other colleges such as BITs and so on. Since these colleges are the recognized as prestigious colleges of the country, the entrance exams are also relatively tough.
However there are other best engineering college in haryana the country who have made it to the list of country’s top institution for engineering. And one such college is Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Institute of Engineering and Technology aka JMIT. This institute is one of the top engineering colleges in Haryana.
Spanning across an area of 32 acres, the campus of JMIT College is defined by its state-of-the-art infrastructure and exquisite flora. The ambience is beautiful and becomes vivacious once students starts coming to the college. Situated at a distance of 28km from Kurukshetra, and 18km from Yamuna Nagar, this institute is run by a Governors Board which consists of superior persons in academics and industry. The top engineering college of Haryana, JMIT has been approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Department of Technical Education (DTE), Haryana. This institute is affiliated to Kurukshetra University.
JMIT College also has other programmes such as MTech, MBA, and MCA. Separate building blocks are dedicated to each program. Also separate buildings blocks are constructed for each department of engineering and technology. There are over 3000 students studying in the campus. Students can reside inside the campus as it has hostel facility.
‘Excellence through creativity and innovation’ is the main objective of this institution. Included in the list of 22 most prestigious institute of the nation, JMIT Radaur has been set up by a freedom fighter Seth Jai Prakash Mukand. A close confidante of Gandhiji, Seth Jai Prakash was an illiterate. However his wisdom and thirst for knowledge compelled him to abolish illiteracy from the country. Thus established his first school namely Mukand Lal National High School. And it was just the beginning. He embarked on a journey to create esteemed and reputed institute in the country.
JMIT has produced great engineers, managers who have reached the milestone of their careers rapidly. The quality of education received has never been compromised in JMIT. Only excellent education has been provided since decades in this institution. A parent shall blindly trust on the future of his child if he is in JMIT.
Thus if you believe that you have talent and want to nurture it, join JMIT, the top engineering college in Haryana right away. Don’t think twice. If you are selecting JMIT then it’s the right choice!

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