Applied Electronics & Instrumentation


This department started in 1996 with an intake of 40 students. In 1998, the intake increased to 60 students. This branch is interdisciplinary encompassing Electrical, Mechanical Chemical and control branches. Consequently some of the laboratories are also used by other departments.

The Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering is a hardcore branch of Engineering, which deals with Measurement, Control and Automation. It is a highly interdisciplinary branch which covers major aspects of Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The curriculum of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering involves design of instruments and their applications. Further, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Instrumentation systems are integral part of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. Instrumentation Engineers are the leaders for Automation and Control. Instrumentation and Control includes electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic instrumentation systems along with tools required for the automation e.g. DCS, PLC, SCADA. These tools are integral part of process industries, refineries, petrochemical industries, building automation and many more. Biomedical Instrumentation is also an important course in Instrumentation. Control, Computation and Analysis are essential aspects of any modern Instrumentation and Control system. Therefore, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Photonics and Analytical Instrumentation are important areas for design and manufacturing of modern instruments and control systems. Growing requirement of control and computing has created a large space for “Research in Instrumentation”. Because of this specific type of background an Instrumentation Engineer can choose a career in a wide range of engineering areas including IT industries.


Sr. No. Name
1. Analog Electronic Lab
2. Measurements & Instruments Lab
3. Electrical Machines Lab
4. Network Theory Lab
5. Transducer & Measurement Lab
6. Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
7. Digital Electronics Lab
8. Signal & System Lab
9. Power Electronics Lab
10. Microprocessor Lab
11. Control System Lab
12. Bio- Instrumentation Lab
13. Industrial Process Control Lab
14. MBIC Lab

Linear Control System Lab :

Name of the Item Quantity
Digital Control System 01
DC. Position Control System 02
D.C. motor speed control system 01
Temp Control System 01
Stepper motor with 8085 up kit 01
Compensation design System 02
Stepper motor with 8085 up kit 01
Relay Control System 01
Synchro Transmitter/ Receiver 02
A.C motor position control system 01
PID Control Process (SEL-101) 01
PID Control Process (SEL-102) 01
CRO with Function generator 02
CRO 20 MHz 01

Signal & System Lab :

Name of the Item Quantity
PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation & Demodulation Trainer 02
Sampling and Reconstruction Trainer 02
Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter 01
Pulse Code Modulation Receiver 01
Harmonic Analyzer and Fourier Demonstration Trainer 05

Network Theory Lab :

Name of the Item Quantity
Verification of network Theorem 03
Verification of Maximum Power Transfer Theorem 02
Study of Transient Response of RLC Circuits 02
Study of Cascaded of 2 port Net work 03
Study of Reciprocity, Theorem 02
Study of Tallengen’s Theorem 02

Bio-Medical Lab :

Name of the Item Quantity
ECG Machine BPL Make 01
Cardiac Monitor BPL Make 01

Transducer & Measurement Lab :

Name of the Item Quantity
LVDT Trainer 02
Strain Gauge 02
Optical Transducer Trainer 02
Piezo Electric Transducer Trainer 02
Hall Effect Transducer Trainer 02
CRO Demonstration Trainer 01
Load Measurement Trainer 02
Water Level Measurement Trainer 02
Temprature Measurement Tutor Using RTD 01
Stroboscope for Speed Measurement 02
Error Analysis Trainer 01
ADC Card with Software 01
Temperature Transducer Trainer 02
Pressure Measurement Trainer 01

Project Lab :

Name of the Item Quantity
CRO 20 Mhz 02
PC Based Universal Programmer 01
MAT Lab Software 01
Process Control Trainer (Genie) 01

Industrial Process Control Lab :

Name of the Item Quantity
Air Compressor 01
Distributed Control 01
Flow Control Loop 01
Pressure Control 01
Temperature Control 01
Dual Loop flow control Trainer 01
Flow level control system trainer 01
Control Valves trainer 01
Pneumatic Trainer 01
Hydraulic Trainer 01


S. No. Name of The Teaching Faculty Designation
(Assoc. Prof. /Asst. Prof.)
Qualification With Field Of Specialization
UG/PG Doctorate University Ids
1 Mr. Maan Singh HOD/Asst. Prof M.Tech B.Tech/000202
2 Mr. Gaurav Kapoor Asst. Prof M.Tech B.Tech/000449



AEI & ELE department jointly organized a technical fest on March 18-19, 2016. The highlighted events were:
1. Plant Design  2. Quizotica  3. Hire Me  4. RAM-ROM
5. AQUADAVIDA  6. Real Steel  7. Boom Boom Media
8. Tele-Geeks  9. Tele-Bonding  10. Circuit Mania
11. Contraption  12. Fast n Furious  13. Pirates of Caribbean

Group Activities

S.No. Activity
1 Swaraj Book Club-Movie Screening on 18-04-2015
2 TUNIC-Mock Interviews on 18-04-2015
3 Language Club High Fliers-Crazy Mocks on 18-04-2015
4 Dance Club-Show Your Skills on 18-04-2015

Short Term Course

An ICT based short term course on ” COMMUNICATION SKILLS” organized by NITTTR Chandigarh at JMIT Radaur from 20-04-2015 to 24-04-2015 and was attended by Mr. L.S. Reen, Dr. Vandana, Ms. Priyanka Singh, Ms. Rohini, Mr. Sukhbir Narwal.

Faculty Development Program

FDP was conducted for placement coordinators by Ms. Priyanka Singh & Ms. Rohini Sharma on 18-04-2015.

In Aumento 2K15

A tech fest named In-Aumento 2K15 was organized by the department on 13th and 14th march 2015. In all 900 students from all the departments participated in In Aumento 2K15. The motive of this tech fest was to groom the overall personality of the students by involving the different activities (Like PAPER PRESENTATION, TECH RANGOLI, AD MAD, PICTURE PERCEPTION, KOMBAT, MEDIA ATTACK, BUZZ WORDS, TRESSURE HUNT, DEADLY WAR, GARBOLAGE, FACEBOOK FEVER, COLLEGE MANIA, WHAT AN IDEA ?, NOTHING BUT THE BEAT, EVINCE BAFFLE, VIRTUAL PLACEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, PARIVARTAN) which helped enhancement of technical skills, practical skills, aptitude skills, leadership qualities, team work qualities of the students.

Time Table

7th Sem Time-Table



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