Total no. of alumni associated till June 2016 : 1142

Alumni Registration

Alumni association of this institute was established at JMIT Radaur in 1999. The Association has over 500 members and works under the chairmanship of the Principal. Annual meeting of the association is held in the college and half-yearly newsletter is published. The Alumni newsletter was published and the following types of information was given in it.

  • Outstanding Academic Achievements.
  • Research Publication/Presentations.
  • Courses/Conferences/Expert Lectures.
  • Additions to Infrastructure.
  • Sports Achievements.
  • Extra Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities.
  • Articles of general nature.

The institute is located in an area, which abounds in small-scale and medium scale industries and the students who hail from this area have a preference for raising similar enterprises. The institute is aware that 22 of its alumni have become full-fledged entrepreneurs.

The following are the objectives of JMIT Alumni Association:

1) To promote, encourage and initiate friendly relations among all members of the association viz-a-viz the institute.
2) To project the image of JMIT in India & abroad and enhance its reputation.
3) To generate a Brain Bank of the professionals from amongst its members and provide its services for the benefit of their alma mater, in particular and the society, in general.
4) To institute running shields, trophies and to award medals, to promote the academic, sports and cultural life at their alma mater.
5) To honor its distinguished alumni.
6) To keep local chapters informed about the activities of the association and seek their assistance in promoting its objectives.
7) To invite the alumni and their family members to visit JMIT.